Office Signage

Modern offices can make use of our sign systems to enhance the working environment for employees and impress visiting clients.

Innovative Office Signage with our Patented Product Range.

Our signage design process and choice from a mix of material finishes can help to transform a working environment. Wall graphics and window manifestations can compliment office architecture.

Why Should a Building Utilise Office Signage?

In any workplace, communication is key. One way to improve communication and productivity is through the use of office signage. From directional signs to informative posters, office signs can help employees navigate the workspace and stay informed about important information.

Improved Communication

Signage can help employees easily find their way around the office and quickly locate important information.

Signage can play an important role is displaying key business information to help performance, employee engagement and wellbeing.

Provides Useful Wayfinding

Societe Generale Trader Deli Sign

Clear signage can help to minimise time spent looking for directions and reduce the need for employees to ask for wayfinding information.

If clients or suppliers visit the office, wayfinding information provides guests to the building with easy navigation.

Improves Safety in the Workplace

Signs can also be used to highlight potential hazards and remind employees of safety procedures.

Workplace safety is particularly paramount in hazardous environments such as warehouses or building sites.

Enhances the Brand Reputation

Customised signage with a company’s logo and colours can help reinforce the brand and help to promote the organisation’s values or beliefs.

Subtle reminders of an organisation’s brand can help to promote a sense of belonging and purpose.

Office wayfinding signage for modern workspaces. Patented product design for changeability.

Office signage presents a unique logistical challenge. Large, modern office spaces may require a significant number of wayfinding signs and a wayfinding scheme in place.

xsign combines design, manufacture and installation in order to provide a complete solution for office managers, architects and contractors seeking a new company signage scheme.

Blending modern design materials and patented fixing systems, xsign has experience of providing large and small businesses with new and innovative signage in offices.

What are the Stages for Installing New Office Signage?

The stages for installing new office signage are consultation, design, manufacture and installation. We’ve built years of experience in assisting clients with their signage needs.


Office sign with braille

The first stage is to discuss the needs of the project, preferences, and overall goals for the signage scheme.

Important factors such as the size, location, and design of the signs, as well as any regulatory requirements or branding guidelines that need to be followed.


Once the input has been provided for the general visual concept for the signs, the design team will create mockups or prototypes incorporating client feedback feedback.

There will be opportunities to review and provide any feedback on the design before final approval.


Once the final design is approved, the signs are sent to our on-site manufacturing team.

We test the quality and legibility of the print on every sign before we send the signage to the installation site.


After the signs are manufactured, our professional team of installers will install them in the correct locations at the client offices.

This process requires careful planning and coordination to minimise disruption to the operation of the business.

Office signage to give a business a visual identity. Modular sign systems that can be changed.

xsign is an expert designer, manufacturer and installer of office signage in the UK and globally. We’ve worked with the likes of UBS and Interserve to provide a continuation of branding across the business estate.

Our Folio, Puzzle and Jigsaw™ systems combine to provide a mixture of flexible, modular sign systems with bespoke sign design to create professional workspaces for businesses.