Talky Signs

Imagine if a sign could talk. With Talky Signs, they do. We’ve developed a programmable talking sign, that speaks at the push of a button.

If signs could Talk

Our innovative Talky Sign product provides directional wayfinding and navigation for those with sight loss. Press the button and the sign talks to you. Building officers and facilities managers can programme the sign by recording an audio message.


When partnered with xsign 3D cutting edge print technology, Talky signs can satisfy all disability current legislation whilst extending access with new ease of use.

Interchangeable graphics inserted into the button’s lens allow for bespoke and creative design of symbols and pictograms.


Talky units can be integrated into traditional sign types and in to new sign technologies, such as the patent-pending Puzzle lockable paper holding sign, which offers ultimate flexibility and security, without the need for any tools to open the mechanism.


Accessible from the rear, easy controls and battery replacement.

A rear microphone allows 80 seconds of recording of voice notes, or, for optimal volume and audio, quality files can be transferred to a line-in mini jack.

Talky Assortment

Insert arrow shown is indicative and changeable.
Panels fixed onto Jigsaw to enable secure access and modularity.
Dimensions show working area height and width.
Drawn 1:10 @ A3

design freedom through engineering

dlinexsign limited has manufactured it’s products in the UK since 1999.

Once part of the Danish ironmongery
company, we were the first
manufacturer in the world to launch a
secret fixed stainless steel modular
sign system in 2000, based on the
Jigsaw™ fixing system, designed by
British architect Mark Shaw-Smith.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible wayfinding is the strategic design and placement of signs to guide people through a physical environment efficiently, whilst actively acknowledging and catering to the diverse needs of all users, including those with physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, and users of mobility aids. 


Fundamental aspects of accessible wayfinding signage are incorporating clear visuals with high-contrast colours and readable fonts, tactile elements like braille and raised letters, consistent symbols and pictograms, and auditory cues like talky™ signs for guidance.

talky™ signs by xsign are innovative talking signs equipped with audio playback devices that store and play pre-recorded messages. talky™ signs add an auditory layer to wayfinding to aid navigation for visually impaired and people who struggle with reading and interpreting written signs.

Talking signs like talky™ signs, provide audible guidance which makes navigation easier and safer for visually impaired individuals. The devices record and playback customisable audio messages, explaining locations, surroundings, and directions in different languages.

There are several benefits of using audio and talking signs in a wayfinding signage strategy, the most important is that it improves the user experience. Including audio signs reduces stress and confusion whilst making an environment more welcoming and inclusive. 

talky™ signs are designed for straightforward integration into existing signage schemes including various xsign products like puzzle™ paper insert signs and jigsaw™ directional signage. They can be permanently affixed to surfaces or attached and removed easily when necessary. 

Yes, talky™ signs are suitable for all interior environments, including schools, universities, offices, hotels, and residential buildings. Their hard-wearing design ensures longevity and reliability in various conditions.

talky™ signs can be mains-powered or battery-operated with batteries that last up to a year. 

Absolutely, the programmable talky™ device can seamlessly fit into different sign types and styles. From wood to acrylic, large to small, and including sign types that were not originally designed and manufactured by xsign.