Wayfinding and Directional Signs

Modern, informative wayfinding helps people to navigate an architectural space.

Wayfinding Signs that helps a building space flow.

Our wayfinding design team can work with architects to create functional wayfinding schemes and our sign types add stunning aesthetics to any building space.

Wayfinding signs and directional signs for buildings and offices. Modular wayfinding systems, with total security.

Creating effective wayfinding and directional signage is the process of blending sign systems in to existing architecture to allow quick and easy navigation around a building, whilst adding to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Effective wayfinding is an important part of a brand’s identity in the workplace.

Our wayfinding solutions are built around a collection of patented technologies that provide secure, lockable fixing systems and a palette of colours, finishes and texting methods that complement your existing branding and expands on it.

We can provide a range of directional signage to display navigation to another part of the building and information signs to display key information about the building space. We can also provide wayfinding solutions that are suited to visually impaired people, including Braille and tactile.