University Signs

Wayfinding can be crucial in hospital and healthcare environments. We design clear and legible wayfinding and directional schemes for hospitals.

Modern University Signs for Modern Educational Institutions.

Wayfinding and navigation is crucial on university campuses to help students navigate. Our wayfinding schemes introduce innovative sign products to inspire students.

Wayfinding and Bespoke signs for Universities. Ease of change and total security with our modular sign systems.

As one of the most complex public environments to navigate, wayfinding signs are critical to ensure visitors, staff and most of all students, are enabled to move around university campuses and buildings from one lecture to the next.

While branding is key externally, internally navigation of complex and constantly changing environments is essential. We have employed our engineered sign systems, as well as bespoke designs to aid this around the world. Our sign product puzzle™ was initially developed exclusively to meet a university’s request to have a flexible, yet lockable paper holding sign. jigsaw™ is used with a range of materials, offering complete flexibility for a changing environment with an integral anti-tamper locking mechanism.

Signage design to give Universities an advantage. Modular systems and modern materials.

Universities are increasingly competitive in nature. Their ability to attract students helps to create thriving student populations. Along with excellent academic facilities, students are aware of the surroundings and learning environment in which they will be spending several years.

Signage can be used to create a unique identity and demonstrate that Universities are as considerate about the learning environment as they are about the learning material.

xsign has worked with numerous on-site contractors at the University of Birmingham, University of Northampton, University of Leicester and Birmingham City University on key projects.