Inclusive Signs

We believe that wayfinding signs should be accessible to all. That’s why we’ve developed a number of sign technologies to aid inclusivity in buildings.

Inclusive sign systems for all

We are proud to have developed a number of sign technologies and printing methods to provide schools, universities and office spaces with a range of inclusive sign options to aid wayfinding for their visitors.

We have worked with all methods of creating inclusive signs for users with special needs and have developed a new 3D printing method for Braille and Tactile designs which conforms to the UK Equalities Act, Part M building regulations and ADA standards for the USA.

In addition, we have experience of signing for people with learning disabilities and dementia.

There is no price barrier to inclusivity. xsign are pioneers in 3D printed Braille and tactile so that there need no longer be budgetary compromises when creating inclusive signs.

A range of printing techniques allows both function and great form, helping to create a range of inclusive signs solutions with strong identity and sense of place.