Interior Signs

xsign has a long history of designing, manufacturing and installing interior signs in a range of spaces using a wide variety of materials on our patented fixing systems.

Internal Wayfinding and Directional Signs

With an architect at the heart of our business we design, manufacture and install internal sign systems in offices, schools, universities, hospitals and a range of architectural spaces.

Interior signage systems should provide freedom of choice, on a range of material finishes whilst offering permanency and high legibility.

Using interior signs in built environments offers an opportunity for branding expression and creative flair.

Internal sign packages should blend functionality and good form. The architect can view signage products as an extension of the aesthetics and design of modern environments.

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Our jigsaw, puzzle, folio and talky products combine to provide an outstanding modular signage system.

The jigsaw system was developed and launched alongside the d line range in 2000 but now sits as a distinct and separate range, more fully expressing the jigsaw concept by adding multiple material choices to the pre-engineered secret fixing system. jigsaw is a key and commonly used interior sign type amongst our client installations.

jigsaw enables the easy switching of panels. The module is permanently fixed to the wall, but the secret fixing system provides security and flexibility in signage design.

Unique truly lockable door sign which allows a myriad of materials to be used. Easy to manage but hard to tamper with in a whole host of sizes and situations. puzzle is well-suited to schools, universities and office spaces.

We developed the puzzle system as a solution to a client brief. The client needed a signage solution, so we developed a new product.

A paper holding sign which can be fixed on its own or combined into modular door and directory signs. Innovations include tinted lenses and the option to have invisible fixings to hold acetate against glass.

Perforated and Word templates complete the solutions for the customer with signs supplied with text from Day One.

Imagine if a sign could talk. With Talky Signs, they do. We’ve developed a programmable talking sign, that speaks at the push of a button.

Our innovative Talky Sign product provides directional wayfinding and navigation for those with sight loss. Press the button and the sign talks to you. Building officers and facilities managers can programme the sign by recording an audio message.