Office Signage

Modern offices can make use of our sign systems to enhance the working environment for employees and impress visiting clients.

Innovative Office Signage with our Patented Product Range.

Our signage design process and choice from a mix of material finishes can help to transform a working environment. Wall graphics and window manifestations can compliment office architecture.

Why Should a Building Utilise Office Signage?

In any workplace, communication is key. One way to improve communication and productivity is through the use of office signage. From directional signs to informative posters, office signs can help employees navigate the workspace and stay informed about important information.

Improved Communication

Signage can help employees easily find their way around the office and quickly locate important information.

Signage can play an important role is displaying key business information to help performance, employee engagement and wellbeing.

Provides Useful Wayfinding

Societe Generale Trader Deli Sign

Clear signage can help to minimise time spent looking for directions and reduce the need for employees to ask for wayfinding information.

If clients or suppliers visit the office, wayfinding information provides guests to the building with easy navigation.

Improves Safety in the Workplace

Signs can also be used to highlight potential hazards and remind employees of safety procedures.

Workplace safety is particularly paramount in hazardous environments such as warehouses or building sites.

Enhances the Brand Reputation

Customised signage with a company’s logo and colours can help reinforce the brand and help to promote the organisation’s values or beliefs.

Subtle reminders of an organisation’s brand can help to promote a sense of belonging and purpose.

Office wayfinding signage for modern workspaces. Patented product design for changeability.

Office signage presents a unique logistical challenge. Large, modern office spaces may require a significant number of wayfinding signs and a wayfinding scheme in place.

xsign combines design, manufacture and installation in order to provide a complete solution for office managers, architects and contractors seeking a new company signage scheme.

Blending modern design materials and patented fixing systems, xsign has experience of providing large and small businesses with new and innovative signage in offices.

Great Office Signage Projects Delivered in the UK

>>A purpose built office space in Leeds City Centre with exceptional internal signage.

>>The refurbished 10 Brindley Place features shared office space.

>>Exchange Square features a bespoke illuminated bike installation.

>>Outstanding internal signage scheme for a large bank based in London.

>>Inspiring internal signage scheme for a leading law firm in London.

>>Stunning internal and external signage scheme for a purpose built office space in Birmingham.

>>Internal signage scheme for one of the UK’s leading commercial real estate agents.

>>Bespoke signage scheme for a shared office space in Central London.

Office signage to give a business a visual identity. Modular sign systems that can be changed.

xsign is an expert designer, manufacturer and installer of office signage in the UK and globally. We’ve worked with the likes of UBS and Interserve to provide a continuation of branding across the business estate.

Our Folio, Puzzle and Jigsaw™ systems combine to provide a mixture of flexible, modular sign systems with bespoke sign design to create professional workspaces for businesses.

What are the Stages for Installing New Office Signage?

The stages for installing new office signage are consultation, design, manufacture and installation. We’ve built years of experience in assisting clients with their signage needs.


Office sign with braille

The first stage is to discuss the needs of the project, preferences, and overall goals for the signage scheme.

Important factors such as the size, location, and design of the signs, as well as any regulatory requirements or branding guidelines that need to be followed.


Once the input has been provided for the general visual concept for the signs, the design team will create mockups or prototypes incorporating client feedback feedback.

There will be opportunities to review and provide any feedback on the design before final approval.


Once the final design is approved, the signs are sent to our on-site manufacturing team.

We test the quality and legibility of the print on every sign before we send the signage to the installation site.


After the signs are manufactured, our professional team of installers will install them in the correct locations at the client offices.

This process requires careful planning and coordination to minimise disruption to the operation of the business.

Exterior Office Signage Products

Make use of exterior office spaces with branded office signage to showcase your organisation to staff and visitors.

Totem Signs

Lots Road Residential

Totem signs are a tall sign, usually concreted into the ground and can be manufactured in to different shapes depending on the design specification

This type of sign makes a great wayfinding sign in an office complex, campus or carpark and can also be a helpful landmark on a map.

3D or Built-Up Lettering

3D letters can be mounted individually or on to another type of sign to enhance the visibility. Signs with built-up letters have a striking appearance and give the design additional depth.

Using lettering with great depth helps the signage to standout amongst its structure and grabs the attention.

Illuminated Signage

Exchange Square

Lights can be external to the sign and point in the direction of the sign or signs can feature halo illumination using LEDs behind or inside 3D or built-up letters to create a halo effect around the letters for additional attention-grabbing effect.

Internally illuminated signs have the light source inside them. The words or graphics on the outside can then be transparent or clear for the light to shine through, or dark for the light to shine around.

Panel and Post Signs

The most common panel and post signs we see are road signs, but the concept can equally be applied in many settings and with much greater choice of materials and finishes.

They are effective as information and wayfinding signs outdoors. Panel and post signs remain very popular in external office environments such as the areas leading towards the building or in office grounds and car parks.

Interior Office Signage Products

Great signage helps to communicates your brand and messages to your staff and visitors. We’ve got a superb range of interior signage products to help office spaces really stand out.


10 Brindley Place

jigsaw™ is the first engineered sign type developed and patented by xsign in 2000.

A secret fixing system makes it easy to change panels so that the signage can easily be updated as the purpose of the building changes.


Chorlton High School Puzzle Sign

puzzle™ is a modular signage system that is designed to be assembled in different configurations using a range of materials, perfect for interior offices.

A secret sliding mechanism allows for paper inserts to be used and easily changed. puzzle can be fully customised with a range of material finishes for bespoke office signage solutions.


Sign scheduling is often delayed when an organisation is relocating and in a state of flux.

folio™ is a paper insert sign system which can be used as an interim solution in offices whilst the signage scheme is being finalised. With a range of lens options, folio also provides a stylish office signage solution.


11 and 12 Wellington Place

Internal graphics and glass manifestations help to provide internal wayfinding references and branding to office spaces.

Glass manifestations also provide a safety element to ensure building users can navigate safely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Office Signage

There are several different types of office signage, including ones that are suitable for exterior and interior environments. Different office signs can be further classified into Jigsaw, Puzzle, and Folio, xsign’s own engineered sign systems. Other sign types include graphic, totem, 3D or built-up lettering, illuminated, panels and post signs. Not to mention the classic name plate on an office door signs.

When choosing office signage there are several considerations to be made. The number of signs, types and design features are important factors. Alongside these elements, the budget, timeline and resources available for the project need to be taken into account. Sustainability and legislation requirements can also be included depending on company policy and goals.

We understand some signage is needed for compliance, health and safety. As a UK company that export globally, we’re familiar with regulations in different markets such as the US and West Asia (should be Middle East?). Each of our signage projects include research as part of the design phase so you can rest assured that any local legislation will be addressed.

The team at xsign deliver more than signage, we can also map the office space to ensure that ideal placement and sizes are factored in. We let the principles of accessibility guide signage first and foremost, to ensure that every sign can be seen and understood by people with a variety of accessibility needs. Another of our guiding principles is good design; we ensure that each sign will look pleasing within the established aesthetics.  When it comes to installation, our experienced team use a variety of fixings and mounts to place signage in the ideal positions.

Whether it’s wood sourced from responsible forestry, never-rusting stainless steel or the timeless elegance of glass, we know the materials for office signage are just as important as the design and words upon them. The materials you choose for your office signage could come from the already established office design, brand guidelines or an environmental concern. We work with you to include any suggestions or prerequisites you have, alongside the principles of architectural design and materials available.

xsign design signs to be low maintenance by design. We use long-life illumination to reduce wastage and how often bulbs need changing. We also use high-quality finishes to limit the need to clean our signs. The premium materials and planned longevity of our work aims to avoid any maintenance for our products wherever possible. Signs that get touched a lot, such as our Puzzle or Folio designs, can be wiped clean with non-abrasive cloths and sanitiser with the daily office cleaning if needed.

The benefits of having office signage include improved wayfinding and increased morale and productivity. A good wayfinding strategy alongside clear and accessible directional signage, reduces visitor and staff lateness and stress. Gorgeously designed signage improves the look and environment of an office, especially when combined with motivational words and colours that have a positive psychological benefit. With many employers wishing for more staff to return to the office, it’s the perfect time to combine wayfinding and art together in skilfully constructed, attractive and strategic office signage. You can read more about this in our blog What Are The Benefits Of Office signage?

Best practice for installing office signage is when all health and safety guidelines are respected and followed to the letter. At xsign, we take the installation of our signage seriously, which is why we use our own teams of vetted professionals. We operate to Considerate Constructer standards, we are Constructionline Gold members and have Site Safety Plus certificates.

Sustainable and renewable resources are becoming more and more standard in the architectural signage, and general building industries. Consumers and staff expect more ethical corporate responsibility and working sustainably can reduce overheads, so why not incorporate that in your signage projects? As well as choosing sustainable or ethically sourced materials, consider the environmental and social corporate responsibility of the signage company themselves, such as being part of the ISO 14000 family. You can read more about sustainability in signage in our blog Considering Sustainability in Signage.

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