Bespoke Office Signage Ideas

Looking to spruce up your office décor? Offices benefit from good signage for several reasons. When a proper wayfinding plan is implemented, it can reduce any confusion from staff and visitors as they navigate around the building. If lateness to meetings is an issue, better signage can help people find their way quicker. 

You can also use signage to communicate your brand values. Reiterate the brand with signage that upholds your company message or has a positive influence on your staff. Signage can be used to inspire and include employees in a strategic and educational way. An engaging and value-driven environment can improve the wellbeing of staff, increase productivity and decrease turnover of the staff.

Here are some of our favourite signage projects we’ve worked on in offices. 

Vita Student Head Office, Manchester

The external signage scheme for offices is just as important as the internal signs. For the Vita Student Head Office in Manchester, xsign designed and installed, several wayfinding signs outside. A large, eye-catching totem sign was designed for the main road, next to the entrance. The totem is illuminated and made of coated aluminium and Accoya wood panelling. The wood is stained to match the cladding on the main building. 

Digitally printed vinyl graphics have been added to the face of coated aluminium panels elsewhere on the property. Guiding visitors to the correct areas of the building, the aluminium panel signs have Accoya wood posts and match the entrance totem and building itself. The colour and gloss finish gives the signage a contemporary and professional look, which is reflected through the signs and building.

Avison Young, Birmingham

The signage installed by xsign at the Avison Young offices in Birmingham form a small wayfinding scheme. Upon entering the reception, visitors are greeted with the company logo made of cut stainless steel. The large lettering makes for a striking feature. 

Directional and informational signage schemes make navigating easy for visitors. Simple but effective acrylic signs act as waypoint markers for anyone going about the offices. 

Ingleton Wood LLP, London

Stainless steel letters also feature as a sign inside the new offices of Ingleton Wood LLP in London. Vastly different looking to the conserved and subtle signage in Avison Young, the signage at Ingleton Wood LLP is part of a vibrant and bold design scheme. In spaces throughout the working environment, 3mm italicised matt black lucite words emphasise the different working areas.

The creative internal signage is there to foster creativity. It is part of the company’s efforts to build a productive and co-operative environment whilst highlighting their own branding as architects and creatives themselves. 

4 Wellington Place, Leeds

Buildings that house many offices need high-quality and durable wayfinding signage and this is no different for the 18,314 sq. ft retail, leisure and office space of 4 Wellington Place in Leeds. 

The signage xsign provided was for internal and external use. Outside the building, we created bespoke projecting signs with illumination at night. The projecting signs act as a key wayfinding reference both during the day and at night.  

Internally, stainless steel pictograms indicate the amenities and cut graphics refer to the floor numbers on stairwells. In the lobby, built up numerals help with wayfinding and branding as the premium signage complements the superior architecture. 

Stainless steel features prominently in these examples. It is a durable material that can be recycled and can be used in a variety of different applications. As it is resistant to corrosion it is a desirable material for exterior signs but can be just as effective indoors. You can learn more about suitable outdoor signage materials here. Internal signs made of stainless steel are smart and striking, making them popular for offices. 

The examples of office signage in this blog highlight wayfinding and style as main features across different scenarios and industries. When office signage is invested in, it can improve how individuals navigate. Additionally, putting thought into signage as décor, can create a nicer working environment and may lead to further improvements across the business. For more examples of office signage, look around our office signs space