Hotel and Leisure Centre Signs

Hotels and leisure centres present themselves professionally with sign design schemes.

Sign Design for the Hospitality Sector.

Hotels and leisure centres can impress their visitors with beautiful signs and clear wayfinding directions.

Hotel Signs and Leisure Centre Signs for the hospitality sector.

xsign have worked with hotels and leisure centres, providing wayfinding and external signs to help brand spaces and aid navigation.

We offer a range of modular sign systems that provide options to hotels and leisure centres. Our modular sign systems can be coupled with a broad choice in woods, metals and acrylics. We offer a range of modular sign systems to make the ease of changing signs quick and effective. We also offer a choice of bespoke signs, using a broad palette of finishing materials to meet exacting requirements.

Wayfinding in hotels and leisure centres is paramount to the successful navigation and flow of the environment. We work with architects, contractors and specifiers to design schemes during the construction phase so that the signage systems are an integral part of the architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel and Leisure Signage

xsign designs and manufactures a wide variety of bespoke signage for hotels. From external welcome and wayfinding signs to individual room numbers, emergency signs, and more. As well as the different functions, we manufacture a range of different types such as panel, post, hanging and affixed signage.

Absolutely, xsign specialises in creating custom signage that perfectly aligns with your hotel brand’s aesthetic and ethos. The concept of architectural signage is that they are bespoke and unique to the environment they are in.

Yes, all xsign’s hotel signage is designed to be long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. The manufacturing materials are chosen with longevity and low upkeep in mind.

We transport and install signage using our own team or local contractors to ensure that every detail about the signage project is completed, safe, and secure.

After decades of designing signs to a huge variety of guidelines and rules, xsign are proficient in creating signage that adheres to health and safety regulations. This not only includes fire exit and emergency access signs, but also accessibility and industry specific regulations.

Yes, xsign offers both traditional and digital signage solutions for hotels, ask us about our recent projects that showcase the brilliant design and installation of digital signage in this case study.

Absolutely, xsign can design and manufacture signs in multiple languages as per your hotel’s requirements.

Our talented architects and designers use a range of high-quality materials for hotel signage, including metals, plastics, and sustainable options.

Head to our contact form to give us some details and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for your hotel signage requirements.