Our Products

xsign has developed a number of patented sign products. Coupled with a range of material finishes and texting methods, we offer complete freedom of choice.

Innovative Sign Systems

Our sign systems, Jigsaw, Puzzle and Folio combine with a range of materials to create flexible sign systems in modern architecture. We work with architects and contractors to help brand the built environment.

Interior Signs

Our interior signs are made in England using our revolutionary Jigsaw, Puzzle and folio systems.

Exterior Signs

Our exterior signs express your brand and values in an instant.


Graphics can define a space, and are created using a range of coated textiles and materials.

Bespoke Signs

Our signs are totally bespoke and help to create a complete freedom of expression for architects.

Inclusive Signs

We create inclusive signs such as braille and tactile signs to help with navigation. And our innovative talky sign helps those with sight loss.