3D Print

Second generation 3D printing with ultra secure adhesion to any substrate. Prints any colour including clear and now uniquely combined with our Nitron Metallix process to to achieve Metallic 3D print. For the first time there is no cost penalty to choose tactile and Braille print.

Nitron metallix

Nitron metallix is a new texting method that uses an ultra-thin metallic layer bonded to a panel with strong adhesive. This method is factory applied to any smooth substrate such as glass, acrylic, or stainless steel and this technology enables the designer to extend the envelope of what is possible. A new option also allows for 3D metallic print.

Ultragraved Painted Panels

Our ultragraved painted panels use an ultra-high resolution engraving method, are very economical, and are totally secure. The finished product has incredible detail (down to 2mm cap height), and can be built off any artwork or font set.



Our digital signage can be applied to any smooth surface. It is incredibly economic for small runs with complex colours, and is very secure when applied. The reverse can be changed.



Our stainless steel and brass ceramic signage is economic and colour fast. It includes an invisible edge and comes with a total text security complex. High definition is available.



Our stainless steel, multi-metal produced signage includes subtle features, total security, and a new design expression. Our team mix bead blasted and brushed stainless steel with heat-bonded vinyl for colour.



Our vinyl manifestation is economical for small runs, and can include many colours whilst having the benefit of being easily changed. Not suitable for text below 15mm.


Paper Inserts

Perfect for high levels of change. Our paper inserts are flexible and allow for fast change, any colours, and complex artwork. Text can be produced and controlled for mail merges, and signage can be managed in house for low cost.


Foil Finishes

A range of foil finishes virtually indistinguishable from the real thing in terms of surface texture and visual properties. This range now offers the ultimate in new design expression in signs, fret cut letters or logos or decorative panels


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