folio™ is a paper insert sign system. If you can’t complete the sign schedule immediately, folio can be a useful interim solution whilst the sign schedule is completed. folio can be installed quickly and paper inserts can be added later.

folio™ sign system. text it later™.

Sign scheduling is often delayed when a client’s organisation is relocating and in a state of flux. Avoiding site delays is possible with folio as the paper based sign system can be installed untexted. The client can print their own inserts at any time.

Paper holding signs tend to be low tech and prone to failure with lenses jamming, falling out or getting scratched and lost. By understanding the nature of materials and designing differential expansion from the outset, folio™ is secure and reliable.

Perforated paper inserts are supported with folio™, as are a wide variety of insert labels and word templates, allowing easy control.

folio™ split offers unique expression with a change in surface properties by utilising a solid panel and a paper insert sign system in conjunction.

Print Technology. folio™ makes use of advanced printing techniques. UV cured 2D to lens and high resolution ink-jet inserts (top left).

Invisible folio™. Bonded mini rail to glass holding frosted/clear lens acetate insert with colour band (top right).

Complete solution for all sign needs, as shown with shelf labelling (bottom left).

Meeting Rooms sign with frosted lucite room indicator (bottom right).