School Signage

We provide a variety of signs for school environments to enhance the learning environment for staff and students.

We partner with main contractors, architects and designers on School Signage projects.

Our range of sign types in schools promote a positive learning environment. Secure sign fixings prevent tampering and secret fixing systems allow for amendments.

Inclusive and custom School Signage. Our modular sign systems provide security and changeability.

We’ve developed a range of sign solutions for schools, allowing for complete creative freedom and expression, to create a positive learning environment for students. Our patented sign technologies provide a range of secure fixing methods for headteachers and facilities managers to choose from. Coupled with a suite of materials from aluminium to bronze, stainless steel to stone, we can provide sign solutions to meet the needs of teachers and students alike.

Our interior sign systems are lockable and securely fixed to ensure they cannot be tampered with. We can offer a range of external sign options including cut letters and built-up lettering to provide substance and structure to external facades. We can also provide a range of totem signs and information boards, with flexibility to suit all budgets.

Bespoke School Signage. We combine sign design and changeability.

Signs in schools need to be tamper-proof and sturdy, to withstand the stresses of daily student life.

We combine lockable, patented product design with a suite of signage materials to give decision makers a blend of function and form.

Schools are competitive environments, both for students and for teachers. A desire to maintain a strong appearance helps to attract students. Signage can play an important part in a strong, modern appearance which aids learning and creativity.