xSign Cut Letters

Published on Tuesday 17th April 2018


xSign cut letters is a series of cut letters in 4mm thick brushed stainless steel, available from stock, making the letters and numerals economical to use on both large and small projects. The series compliments the design language of other building fittings and is available in upper and lower case characters with numerals. The series comes in the classic typeface series:

Univers 55 Roman and in two heights 75mm and 150mm. The smaller letters are supplied with heavy duty adhesive tape on the reverse along with simple to follow installation instructions.

The larger series comes with push fit polished nickel connectors that are screw fixed to the background and positioned with a template, which is also supplied as well as screw fixings on spacers. The adhesive option allows fixing to glass partitions and offers a non-invasive attachment which remains secure

In addition to the special graphics, fonts and the standard typeface, the series also has a family of pictograms in the d line xpicto font. These are only available in 75mm high, tape fixed, as some pictos are made up of too many components to fix on the spacers.