Why is good signage important in a University campus? Part 2

Signage plays a huge part in many aspects of a university campus. They are often large areas, sometimes with multiple campus’ and without decent signs, people can get lost easily. Health and safety signage needs to be carefully planned and placed responsibly. 

Wayfinding and health and safety are not the only kind of signs required in a university environment however. In this blog, we can learn how accessibility, branding and information signage are equally important. 

Campus Accessibility Signage 

As mentioned in part one of this blog, all campus signage should be designed with accessibility in mind, and thoroughly tested for effectiveness. Types of signage that aid people include talking signs that deliver recorded messages, and braille. Placement of signage so it is not too high means people with short stature and wheelchair users do not need to strain to see them. 

Embossed lettering and contrasting colours make signs easier to read with a visual impairment and in order for braille readers to touch the signs, they must be placed in accessible places, e.g. not on a wall where a door opens and covers the sign. 

University Branding Signage

One of the most important functions of signage is how it can create a sense of identity and promote a brand. Universities all have unique brands and features that make a difference when competing for student enrolments. Although there are some prerequisites when making signs accessible, there is no reason why the university brand can be reflected in all the signage. 

Bespoke architectural signage for a university includes the careful planning of appropriate materials as well as the design. It may need to be considered, that although there is one university brand overall, each department or school may have their own brand that needs to be incorporated. The goal of consistent and professional university signage is to become recognisable. In the event that the university has more than one campus, one should be able to arrive at any campus and immediately know it is part of the university. 


Informative University Campus Signage

Signage does not just show people the way, but also provides useful information to students, faculty, and visitors, such as event schedules, building hours, and campus policies. Signs on the outside of rooms let people know they are at the right place but should have additional space for additional information. Incorporating signs like the xsign Puzzle™ and jigsaw™ systems enable quick changes to be made. For example; students can be told that the class has been cancelled or moved to another room with ease. 

Universities deal with a lot of information, but it doesn’t all need to be the same type of sign to stay on brand. Information can be displayed in a variety of ways using signage. Adding graphics to walls and floors are decorative, and can tell people what department they are in. Signs made of stainless steel won’t rust outside and monument signs can be visible from every direction.

The signage on a university campus needs to effective, durable and accessible to everyone who goes there, whether they are staff, student or visitor. A good signage strategy will incorporate wayfinding, branding, information, accessibility and health and safety as well as a fantastic design using appropriate and durable materials. 

The end result is that good university campus signage should create a welcoming, safe, and organised environment.