The importance of signage in retail

When retailers plan out strategies to get more people through their doors, they usually turn to online ads, promotional offers, and even direct mail. But many underestimate the importance of good signage in a retail space. 

A shop’s signs create an experience for the customer and help encourage them to shop in person rather than simply searching online. In this post, we’ll cover the importance of retail signs and how you can improve yours. 

Make a lasting first impression

A study by FedEx found that 68% of customers thought that the quality of a shop’s sign was a reflection of the level of service. This is why it’s so crucial to make a great first impression with modern, well-designed signs. 

Signs are vital for attracting customers and promoting services or products. Attractive signs are memorable and cause an emotional reaction in customers. They’ll use these graphics to decide whether a shop is the right fit for them before ever walking through the door, so it’s important to make a lasting first impression. 

Increase Brand Visibility and Recognition

A local customer passes by a brand on average 60 times a month when commuting or out shopping. Although this is great news, it can mean customers go blind to your offerings.  

If your signs are well-designed and eye-catching, they’ll help boost brand recognition and make sure your store stands out on a crowded high street. 

By frequently changing signage in your windows and making updates to your products signs, you’ll continue to draw the attention of foot traffic and increase the visibility of your brand. 


Compel purchases

That same study by FedEx we talked about earlier showed that 76% of customers entered a store they had never visited before based on its signs. 

Signs play a huge role in encouraging purchases. In fact, well-placed signage near a check-out point can significantly influence spending behaviour. They can increase impulse purchases and promote underperforming products with some clever wording and design choices. 

Give brand continuity

Once you’ve got new customers through the door, it’s important to continue the brand story throughout the shop. This is easy to accomplish with colour choices and well-placed signage. 

You might decide to add signs indicating check-out points, wayfinding signs, or promotional signs to boost sales. 

All of these signs need to be branded and well-designed to give brand continuity throughout the store and create an experience that customers want to keep coming back for. 

Get help with your retail signage today

At Xsign, we are experts in retail signage. We work alongside retail brands to design, create, and install the best internal and external signage that helps boost sales. 

From external brand name signs to wayfinding signs and promotional signage, we can help you create a full signage strategy that improves your store and brings customers back. Get in touch today to book a consultation.

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