The Best Types of Signs for Schools

Schools have unique needs when it comes to signage. Signs need to be easy to understand, eye-catching, intuitive, and inclusive for students of all abilities and ages. If you’re in charge of building or renovating a school, there are some specific wayfinding signs that work well for educational settings, as well as some easy ways to make sure younger students use the signs effectively. 

Entrance signs

All schools need prominent, welcoming entrance signage that represents the values of the institution. The colours, typography, and graphics need to be bright and bold to welcome students every day but also professional enough to stand out for inspectors and other visitors. 

There are tons of options for entrance signs for schools, including illuminated logos, 3D lettering, and large-scale graphics. 

The focus should be on visibility and legibility, making it easy for visitors to locate the entrance if they’ve never visited before. 

Floor graphics

Floor signs are very popular in schools and are a cost-effective way to improve wayfinding, both externally and internally. Floor graphics can show students the directional flow in hallways and the route to different areas of the school. 

Floor graphics can also be fun and a way of making the school more interactive. Numbers, trails, and lettering can teach kids spatial awareness and encourage learning outside of the classroom. 

Wayfinding signs

Schools can be hard to navigate since they’re usually large, with multiple buildings and different zones. Wayfinding is crucial to ensure students feel confident navigating between classes. 

Effective wayfinding signs are clear, colour coordinated, and easy to understand. We always suggest simple, large lettering and coloured categories to make it easy for students of all ages to use the signs.  

Inclusive signage

Inclusivity should be at the heart of any school setting, and it’s important your sign scheme is useful for students of all ages and abilities. Talky signs are perfect for helping students with sight loss. These can be added to any standard sign and will read the sign aloud to the student when pressed. 

Braille and 3D tactile signs are also important to include for students who are vision impaired. Again, braille should be added to all standard signs to make them inclusive to all students. 

Inspirational and motivational signs

It’s not just wayfinding that is important in a school setting, you also want your students to enjoy being at school. By adding colourful signs and graphics throughout the school, it becomes a more enjoyable space and one that kids want to be in. 

This could be graphics of the school mascot, quotes from famous authors, motivational sayings, or just the school colours in abstract patterns. 

Studies have shown that colour has a significant effect on learning in children, so adding pops of colour with strategic school signage will enhance the experience kids have in the school. 

Local experts in school signage

School signage is most effective when it’s designed in a cohesive scheme. If you want to upgrade the signage in your school, our team can help. We specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing functional, eye-catching school signs that are inclusive and intuitive. Contact our team today and we’ll show you how we can improve your school signage.

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