Suspended Sign Information Sheet

Suspended signs come in two variations to allow for different fixing methods, which should cover most eventualities. It is for the project architect or engineer to decide which method can be best used on the project since the building construction will determine the exact fixing.

Type 1 as standard

Illustrations here show how a standard suspended sign will be shipped. The 3mm SS rods screwed into the panel will be drilled and a loop of SS wired inserted. An aluminium crimp is supplied to fasten the wire to make a loop. The most usual method of installing this sign into a suspended ceiling is to drill the tile with a 3.5 hole and pass through the rods from above before screwing into the panel. The wires are looped from the substructure above or another firm fixing point. When level and at the desired height, the wires are crimped.

Type 2 as semi-standard
Where the signs are to be fixed to a closed bulkhead or solid structure barrel fixings are required. These allow the specifier to choose a suitable screw method. The barrel splits in two. The top part may be screwed into the structure with the appropriate fixing (plastic plug, threaded sleeve, self tapping screw etc.) through the 5mm countersunk hole in the top part. The rod is then threaded through the bottom part before assembly with the sign panels.