Sign packages at University of Birmingham

Sign packages at University of Birmingham

Signage consultancy and wayfinding expertise.


Our work at University of Birmingham continues. We've completed a number of projects to update sign packages across the campus, as buildings have been renovated.

At the Collaborative Teaching Laboratory, we have created a sign package befitting of the outstanding architecture. The updated sign types feature modern, cut letters and black wayfinding panels with white acrylic lettering and graphic manifestations to glass. Our modern design scheme compliments the outstanding architecture.

At the Old Gym the architect wanted us to feature a number of graphic manifestations, particularly to denote the different floors. We coupled those graphics with wayfinding iconography for toilet signs and lettering on the walls to display directions to lecture rooms.

We have also installed a number of digital wayfinding totem signs across the campus. The 55" touchscreen displays are housed in metal totem frames for security. The fibre-enabled digital displays provide students, staff and visitors with maps and wayfinding information, along with wi-fi connectivity.

Managing Director, Matt Mills: "The university campus is a world-class learning environment and we have been trusted to provide consultancy on wayfinding and sign types for a number of projects. We look forward to a continuing partnership with UoB."