Should you change your signage seasonally?

A good Marketeer always plans activities in advance, especially when they coincide with a change in seasons and consumer spending. Summer in the UK, for example, is the perfect time for businesses to be planning their Christmas marketing campaigns. 

Right now you should already be thinking about your Christmas socials, products, promotions and even music. Are you thinking about your signage though? Do you normally drape some threadbare tinsel over your usual signage? Not this year; it is time to step it up a notch and really showcase your business by thinking about seasonal signage. 

Here are some ways you can shake things up by changing your signs to coincide with different seasons or events.   

Exterior Signage

Entice and welcome your customers into your businesses with signs that utilise lighting and information to explain what is inside. As the days get darker earlier and colder, utilise warm lighting on your signage for festive appeal. If you don’t already, consider adding light-up signs for customers to see what you do at a glance. For example, lit-up exterior signage advertising your leisure facilities or cafe inside will stand out more in the winter months. 

Consider that, if you are a spa hotel, adding external signage about your spa packages as gifts could lead to more purchases around Christmas. 


Nottingham College Reception Sign

Wayfinding Signage

Customers can get easily frustrated when they can’t find what they want quickly. Make things easier for them by adding clear wayfinding signage. Let your customers know exactly where products are upon entering the store using directional signage. Is your check-in desk in a small area at the back? Customers want to know exactly where they speak to someone without having to wander around. Perhaps you’d like more of your hotel guests to use your cafe? Increase footfall to that particular area by increasing the amount of signage to it around the hotel. 

Consider how easy it is to read your signs as well. If a visually impaired customer were to enter, would they be able to find their way around? Give all your customers the easy and stress-free experience they need by putting thought into the accessibility of signage in your business. 

Bespoke Signage

Another element of signage that can be tailored for different seasons are bespoke creations. Changes to your interior or exterior branded signage adds a bit of fun and can also grab people’s attention. If there is a pick up/drop off area of your school, consider adding a bespoke sign to let parents and guardians know what school shows are coming up. If your office meeting rooms get booked up for Christmas parties quickly, a bespoke modular sign could be used to give staff updates on the different functions happening. 

Of course, it isn’t just Christmas that counts as a season. The year is full of opportunities to shake things up with your signage. Pride month, Cancer Awareness month, Eid-ul-fitr, Diwali, Halloween, Hanukkah, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Small Business Saturday and Independent Retailer Month are all examples of celebrations and observances when different signage could be appropriate. 

When thinking about whether you should change your signage seasonally, the answer is yes. How you approach it will depend on what kind of business you are and what your customers are looking for. 

Talk to us about the range of signage we provide. Together, we can build you an effective seasonal signage strategy that really stands out. 

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