Rebranding an Office with Graphic Signs

When planning an office rebrand, you probably think about paint colours, furniture choices and layouts, but signage doesn’t cross your mind. The truth is, most business owners and brand managers don’t think about the power of signage in the rebranding process, but it’s just as important as your logo and colour choices.

In this post, we’ll talk about how you can use signage in your commercial space to create a strong, consistent brand message and make your business look and feel professional.

Welcome your clients

Signage is the easiest and most effective way to make a good first impression on clients. When they enter your building, they should see a bold, confident sign with your business name or logo.

This not only looks professional, it puts the client’s mind at ease that they’re in the right place and dealing with an established company.

Your lobby signage should be a bold reflection of your brand. Incorporate your brand colours but make sure it’s simple enough to read from a glance.

Break up the space

From wall graphics and window stickers to wayfinding signs, it’s easy to break up an open-plan space with signage. Going further, floor vinyls and lettering can give informative information while keeping your clients in the right areas of your offices.

Signs like this give you the opportunity to showcase your brand image through unique layouts, colours, and inspiring signs that make you stand out from others in your industry.

Incorporate new materials

Materials will communicate your brand style almost immediately. So if you use brushed steel or aluminium for your signs it will give the impression of a modern, sleek, efficient brand. Whereas copper or hammered metal is much more warm and rustic.

Create the right atmosphere

Signage immediately gives visitors and clients an impression of the atmosphere in your office. If you have bright, colourful signs marking collaborative workstations and fun, creative signs over break areas, you’ll create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

On the other hand, minimal signage will give a more formal impression (which you’ve probably seen yourself in hospitals or clinical settings).

Motivate your staff

Motivating staff should be a top priority of any business. When employees are motivated to be ambassadors for your company, customers feel better looked after and the entire work environment is much more enjoyable.

Branding your office space with high-quality signs will help foster a sense of company belonging and give your employees a welcoming office they want to come to work in.

Create a consistent message

From your logo and website to your marketing materials and office signage, everything should have a clear, consistent brand message. Don’t spend time on creating an engaging and eye-catching brand, only to let yourself down with general, cookie-cutter signage in your building.

Let’s rebrand your office with signage

Think your office could benefit from new, branded signage? We’re here to help. At xsign, we are specialists in designing and creating a consistent branding story through creative, custom signage. Contact us today to find out more about our services and book your free consultation.