More options added to Folio range

More options added to Folio range


When it comes to wayfinding signage systems, there are few as flexible as the folio system. Designed to be able to deal with easily replaceable paper information cards encapsulated in functional and decorative surrounds that reflect your office style and resist the rigors of daily use.

The folio range now extends to a range of mixed material designs, invisible folio and split folio.

Folio signs typically comprise an easily printable media containing the actual information, and a hardwearing outer shell that helps prevent the information getting dirty or damaged.  And should the actual sign need replacing or updating, the folio sign system is easily dismantlable so that it can be swapped out with ease.

Folio signs are used extensively in offices because of their ease of use coupled with an elegant and professional look, and with a huge range of materials available to mount them, you can be sure of finding a system that fits your office requirements.

Many other paper-holding signage systems tend to be less than successful, and the actual sign – the whole point of having the apparatus in the first place – can become dislodged and may fall out of the system.   Furthermore, the cover material may not be appropriate and can become warped, distorted, scratched and otherwise damaged.  The folio system is specially designed so that the materials that go together to make it are perfectly selected to compliment each other in terms of thermal expansion, so there is never a problem with differential growth rates making the sign become loose.

Folio signage systems are also the best option when undertaking an office move too, as the ease with which they can be updated make them ideal for offices that are being reworked or altered. If you need to move the position of offices and need new door markers, or need to update your wayfaring signage, then folio makes it an easy task.  Simply print new room or direction identifiers, unclip the front cover from the folio sign, replace the paper with the new piece and snap the cover back on.  Easy, quick, and stress-free.

Secret to the folio’s success is the positive-locking mechanism, which ensures that the transparent sign cover can’t fall out.  The use of formed metal parts and corresponding grooves cut into the window material mean that the sign cover can only be removed by sliding it sideways.  This means that there is no danger of the cover accidently falling out, but it is easy to remove when needed.

This positive-locking feature together with clean and tidy lines makes folio a favourite amongst architects and designers.  Because the system looks so professional, and is easy to attach to walls, doors and other office articles, it is being increasingly chosen as a means of identifying specific areas and to assist with wayfinding. But it goes further still with the ability to present as curved sign frontages, multiply-split panels, and even braille features to make them totally inclusive.

If you are designing a new interior and need a cost-effective means of wayfaring, the folio sign system is probably the best one for you.