Inspiring Signs from our Archive

Creating engaging signage in your business environment can be a challenge. What materials should you use? What style of sign would work best for your space? What colours work best with large signs?

Our design team work with architects and contractors to create engaging wayfinding schemes. We’ve pulled together some of our recent works

High Contrast

We always advise using high contrast in signs to make the biggest impact. But that doesn’t mean using black and white.

This sign from Rowan View Mental Health Facility in Liverpool shows how you can achieve high contrast while still using branding colours.

On Brand Fonts

Big and bold doesn’t have to be boring. French bank, Société Générale, took an innovative approach to wayfinding with bold yet on-brand fonts to label the different areas of their building. The result was beautiful signs that make the building much more welcoming.

Creative Materials

Ingleton Wood LLP in London wanted to create an innovative workspace that sparked creativity. And we think they achieved this with innovative, sustainable materials throughout their signage.

It’s easy to create imagery through the materials you use in your signage. Metals and other harsh materials will give a sleek, modern impression. In contrast, this creative nature wall gives a much warmer impression of the brand.

Keep it simple

If you need your customers or visitors to get around easily, it’s best to keep it simple. This is especially true for schools and hospitals. Although you can get creative with wall graphics to make the space feel welcoming, wayfinding signs should focus on practicality rather than design.

Incorporate your logo

Signage is a great opportunity to create a consistent brand message throughout the premises. Raithwaite Hall Luxury Hotel in Yorkshire did this well by adding logo signs throughout the hotel. Using their brand colours, these signs immediately communicate that the hotel is luxury and gives a spa-like atmosphere.

Brand your walls

Wall and window graphics are a great opportunity to add colour to an otherwise blank area of your building. Porthcawl Medical Centre did this wonderfully by adding coloured stripes up the wall with the floor numbers. These are practical and also give a great first impression to visitors.

Want help designing the best signs for your business?

If you want to create custom signs that brand your business and make a great first impression on clients, we can help. Our team of designers at xsign are experts at designing functional, on-brand signage that not only looks fantastic, but also communicates effectively to clients. Message us now to set up a free consultation to find out more about how we can help.

I’ve used specific examples from the client’s case studies in this post, so I’ve added a link to the pictures I’m referring to throughout. All are the client’s pictures.