Innovations in Living Wall Signage

New design trends in signage come and go each year. There is one model that is both beautiful, good for you and will never go out of style. Living walls are an architectural and design feature that involves using living plants on vertical surfaces. They can be small in scale and used as a pretty garden feature. They can also be so big they climb the side of high-rise buildings. Living walls have been used in designs for a few years and can be incorporated into a stunning signage design. 

What is a living wall?

Living walls are usually a vertical wall space with panels that have plants growing out of them. The plants can be anything from ferns to moss. Different varieties of flowers and plants mean that the living walls are green (or in bloom) all year round. Most of the time, living walls have a built-in irrigation system to keep the plants healthy, and the installations can be both inside and outside of a building. 

Can I add Signs to a Living Wall?

Absolutely, signs can be added to living walls. If it is all part of the same piece, your sign is created with the panels of plants, irrigation and placement in or on your premises as part of the designing process. If you already have a living wall, signage elements such as letters and panels maybe be able to be added depending on how the living wall is designed. 



Societe Generale Living Wall
Societe Generale living Signage

What are the benefits of living wall signs?

Plants are known to make people feel less stressed and increase productivity. In a study by the University of Essex, workers in an office were found to be as much as 15% more productive when they shared the space with plants. The Journal of Physiological Anthropology also found that just interacting with plants can reduce stress. Anyone working in any job could benefit from increased productivity and less stress. 

Living walls bring a certain kind of tranquil ambiance to a space. They are modern and stylish, beautiful colours and the stress-reducing factor means they can put people at ease. Because of these features, they are suitable for a variety of spaces. Reception areas, canteens, meeting rooms, common areas and offices are just some places a living wall can be installed. 

Living walls aren’t just beautiful, they are functional too. External living walls are a haven for bees and butterflies as well as numerous other creatures. Living walls have been known to reduce the amount of heat lost from a building as it is a brilliant form of insulation. The greenery prevents noise pollution and improves air quality. So regardless of whether your living wall is internal or external, it is constantly giving back to the environment and people nearby. 

Adding signage to a living wall is both a design element and a statement. Adding your brand communicates your stance on nature and the environment. You are actively promoting better air quality, habitats for endangered creatures and employee wellbeing. 

When planning your next signage project, turn your signs into a benefit that lasts, by talking to the team at xsign about our living wall sign projects. 

Living Wall Signage
Living Wall Signage