How to make Leisure Centre Signs fit for purpose

The leisure industry is seeing a massive resurgence post-pandemic with more and more people signing up for classes, gym memberships, and more. But with more customers coming back, is your leisure facility signage fit for purpose? In this post, we’ll show you how to update your signage so it’s inclusive and encouraging customers to visit.

Great Leisure Signage is Crucial

Each leisure facility has unique branding and a specific vibe that attracts locals to it. The leisure facilities that do well are the ones that have a cohesive brand that utilises signage to create an experience for guests. 

Whether it’s the perfect selfie wall for members to share their progress with or branded wayfinding signs that make your facility inclusive for everyone, your signage plays a huge role in encouraging repeat visits and sign-ups. 

Rapidly Evolving Industry

The leisure industry is always evolving to attract new customers and stay up to date with new trends, equipment, and offerings. 

If your facility hasn’t been updated in some time, people are going to opt for the many other alternatives in the area. 

Refreshing your signage with modern, colourful upgrades will give your facility a modern feel and make people want to come and use your facilities. 

Remember, your signage is a reflection of the facility as a whole. If it’s run down or out of date, customers won’t trust your services. 

Great Banding Ideas for Leisure Centres

If you want to update your leisure signage but you’re not sure where to begin, here are some of our top design tips from our signage experts. 


Layers & Dimensions

A leisure facility is a high-energy place where people come to take classes, work out, or use different facilities. It’s important that all of your signs match that energy and look motivational for guests. 

Adding different layers and dimensions using 3D signs and bold pops of colour will help create the right environment and make the facility feel welcoming. 

Design for the Customer

Your demographic will depend on the area your leisure facility is located. Do you mostly cater to families? Older people? Or perhaps a younger crowd from a local university?

All of these demographics will need different branding to feel a connection. Younger customers will prefer bold, bright, modern signage with ample opportunities for interaction. 

On the other hand, families might want something more child-friendly with characters and mascots. 

Knowing your audience will help you nail your branding and subsequent signage. 

Design with Motivation in Mind

No matter who your customers are, all signage in a leisure facility should be motivational. This can easily be achieved using colour and motivational quotes. You might also want graphics of people using your facilities as well as inclusive signs for those with different abilities. 

Expert Sign Makers for your Leisure Centre

Our team of sign makers at xsign specialise in signage for leisure facilities. If you’re looking to update your signage and transform your facility, we are the team for the job. Call us today to book a consultation and we’ll walk you through what we can create for you.