How to grab attention with wall-mounted signs

Figuring out how to capture a customer’s attention is an important puzzle for many business owners. Whether you run a hotel, luxury apartments, or a retail space, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd. 

Wall-mounted signs are an easy way to elevate your brand and make customers take notice when they’re walking by.

In this post, we’ll show you how wall-mounted signs work and how you can design a wall-mount sign that boosts revenue. 

What Are Wall Mounted Signs?

Wall-mounted signs are just that – they are pre-fabricated signs that can be hung on either interior or exterior walls. You’ve probably seen tons of these on the highstreets, hanging above restaurants, hotels, and shops. 

Many commercial spaces also use wall-mounted signs inside to showcase their company name or add personality to their premises.

The main benefit of a wall-mounted sign is the ability to see it from a greater distance. This helps with recognition and draws people in. 

Types of Wall Mounted Sign

There are a couple of popular types of wall-mounted signs you might want to use for your business:

  • Flange wall mounted: These are either double or single-sided and are usually mounted to an exterior wall. This allows customers to see the brand name from either side when walking down the street. 
  • Vector wall frame: This is a more traditional looking sign that is mounted to the wall and offers more design freedom. They come in various designs and colours and are often used as interior brand signs.
CitySuites Internal Directional Sign

Choosing the Right Font and Colours

Although it’s tempting to use all of your brand colours when creating a wall-mounted sign, this isn’t always the best option. 

Above all else, the sign needs to be clear and understandable, which means colours and fonts need to be simple and contrasting

If your brand font is a script that is a little difficult to read, this won’t do well on a wall-mounted sign. Likewise, if you have a neutral brand palette, you might not have enough contrast for your sign to stand out.

When you work with a professional sign company, they’ll be able to give you expert advice on how to translate your brand into the most effective wall-mounted business sign. 

Placement is Important

You should also think about the placement of your sign. Too high, and people will miss it. Too low, and it can become hard to read when people are standing outside your door. 

If you’re unsure, step outside and view your building from the customer’s perspective. If you have neighbours, you might be able to use their signs as a guide also. 


Finally, you need to think about the comprehension of your new wall-mounted sign. Whether it’s a large-scale logo or a neon sign inside a hotel, it needs to be readable at a glance. 

Using lighting within the sign can make it easier to read, especially from a distance. But you need to get the balance of font, colours, and sizing just right to give a professional, clean finish. 

Get Help With Your Wall-Mounted Signage

If you’re looking for a professionally-designed wall-mounted sign for your business, our team can help. At xsign, we’re known for designing and manufacturing branded, modern wall-mount signs that customers love. 

In a huge range of materials, colours, and styles, we can create the perfect sign for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Affinity Living Rust Effect Cut Numerals
Nottingham College Jigsaw Sign