How office signage is encouraging workers back to the workplace

The rhythm of office life is humming once again. Designing the signs that will guide your employees through their day, infusing the mundane with reminders of health and safety protocols, and subtly boosting their morale is an art and a science.

For office managers, HR professionals, and business owners, signage isn’t just about wayfinding anymore – it’s a critical communication strategy to reaffirm employees’ sense of belonging and ensure they feel safe in their work environment. What’s your signage saying about your company’s commitment to those who power your business?

Here we’ll unpack the vital role of office signage, and how to craft effective, meaningful visuals that nudge our colleagues back to the workplace with clarity and care.

The Post-Pandemic Transition

Few could have foreseen the dramatic shift to remote work brought on by the global pandemic. It’s been a significant couple of years of adaptation, but as the world recovers, attention turns to the ‘new normal’ in office life. It’s a phase marked by cautious optimism and an intrinsic need for reconnection.

Office signage plays a vital part in orchestrating this reunion, easing concerns, and promoting a sense of community that’s been missed behind virtual backgrounds and chat bars.

The Importance of Office Signage Amid Transition

In an era defined by unprecedented change, clear and consistent communication is non-negotiable. Signage stands as the quiet, omnipresent communicator in a physical space where verbal reassurances can fall short. It’s the visual assurance that safety standards are adhered to, that help is within reach, and that the workplace isn’t just a structure – it’s a conscious, caring entity.

Enhancing Communication

With a workforce starved for clear direction in ambiguous times, office signage steps up as a beacon. It’s the static yet strong partner in the employer’s effort to articulate intricate aspects of company policy and COVID-19 protocols.

Promoting Safety Measures

Health and safety guidance aren’t just for the workplace; they’re the social responsibility your organisation aims to satisfy eagerly. Signage reinforces this commitment, becoming a visible expression of how much you value your employees’ well-being.

Boosting Employee Morale

An aesthetically pleasing sign can do wonders for a day that’s just getting started. It’s a welcome mat of positivity in a day that may come with trepidation or routine blues, but is illuminated with colourful, affirming cues.


Types of Effective Office Signage

In the vast ocean of visual cues, there are beacons that your ship – the returning employee – should most definitively count on. Here’s a list of the types of signage to consider as your office prepares to hum with life again.

  • Directional Signs – The old wayfinding favourites that are now made more vital by the need for efficient traffic flow to maintain social distancing norms.
  • Health and Safety Reminders – Graphically vivid reminders of sanitisation, mask usage, and personal distancing, which are integral to a workplace prevention strategy.
  • Motivational Quotes – A subtle, yet profound, partnership with artwork or decor that uplifts and energises your returning workforce.


Design Tips for Engaging Signage

  • Design is strategic. The wrong colour, font, or placement can diminish the power of your message. But when done right, it can be the subtle nudge that asserts the integrity and gravity of your communication intent. Here’s how to get it right.
  • Clear and Concise Messaging – Less is more when it comes to reading on the go. Bullet points and short sentences are your best friend in a sign that needs to be understood at a glance.
  • Incorporating Branding Elements – Harmonise signage with your brand colours and logo for instant recognition and unity of message.
  • Interactive and Creative Displays – From QR codes that link to wellness information to poles that double as hand sanitiser stations, interactive signs can amplify utility and engagement like never before.
  • Employee Engagement through Signage – Here’s the hidden perk of great office signage – it doesn’t have to be authoritarian; it can be a conversation starter, a congratulatory note, a whisper of appreciation.
  • Involving Employees in the Design Process – Surveys, contests, or simple suggestion boxes can turn your team into an ad-hoc sign committee, ensuring the signs resonate with those they’re welcoming back.
  • Recognising Employee Achievements – Employee recognition boards fortify a sense of achievement, even in the smallest of celebratory milestones.
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment – With environmental and seasonal themes, your office can be the visually evolving space that celebrates diversity and inclusivity through changeful signage.


Signage is craftsmanship and placement is strategy. In the delicate transition of inviting workers back into the fold, it is our solemn duty to craft visual cues that are not just utilitarian, but resonant. Office managers, HR professionals, and business owners, in the midst of plotting operational adjustments, invest thought and care into the signs that’ll speak volumes on your company’s preparedness, warmth, and appreciation for the people who make your business possible.

The digital bridge we built was a strong and vital one, but now it’s time to cross back into the tangible tide of office life. And as you do, remember that the signs you leave aren’t just for pointing the way but for extending the hand. They direct, they reassure, they uplift – showcasing your unique institutional care. Ensure your office space is not only ready but welcoming, and the first step to this is with a well-crafted sign that does far more than label a room or identify an office. It labels you as a concerned, committed employer who’s ready to receive with agility and compassion.

In the re-emergent world, the old may not be entirely lost, but the new is most definitely calling for our response – and as in our personal lives, so too in our workspaces. Respond with creativity, clarity, and a craftsmanship in how we design our return.

It’s time to go back – and back better. And that’s a declaration worth every word on the wall.

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