How Business Signage Creates a Positive Experience

Business signage is an integral part of your brand identity. That goes for everything, from your frontage sign and window graphics to your in-store signage and wayfinding signs. Every time your customer sees a business sign, they have a positive or negative experience. In this post, our sign experts will show you how effective business signage helps to create a positive experience and why poorly executed signs may be losing customers. 

Provides Clear Communication

Some businesses have so many marketing signs on their premises that customers get overwhelmed. When we bombard customers with too much information, they can’t process it and don’t take in what they’re seeing. 

Effective signage communicates clear messages to customers. Whether you’re promoting a new product or service or want to show your brand values, well-designed signs will ensure your customers notice and take in the message. 

Improves wayfinding

Nothing will frustrate a client more than getting lost or disorientated in your building. Without a well-designed wayfinding signage scheme, clients can easily get lost or feel uncomfortable searching for something. 

This applies to shops and offices alike. Whether your customer is searching for the changing room or can’t find the reception area, they’re going to have a negative experience of your business. 

Well-designed wayfinding signage will make it easy for customers to navigate the building and contribute to a positive experience of your brand. 

Conveys brand identity

Did you know that over half of visitors won’t enter a business if the signage isn’t well done? Customers need to understand your brand in order to know if your products and services are for them. 

Signs are the perfect opportunity to communicate your brand and attract your ideal customers. Whether your brand is corporate and professional or creative and whimsical, your signage needs to show that so customers know where they stand. 

Increases Brand Awareness

People remember brands that they enjoyed experiencing. If you have business signage that has character and brand identity, clients will feel a connection and form a positive opinion about your business as a whole. 

On the other hand, if your signage is bland, non-descript, and lacks branding, customers won’t have anything to connect with. 

Gives better experiences 

Not all business signage has to be functional to be effective. In fact, some signs can be used simply to enhance the customer experience while in your business. For example, a hotel might have a fluorescent sign that customers enjoy taking selfies with. Or an office might have a plant wall surrounding its logo that shows off its eco values. 

Signage is an easy way to enhance the aesthetics of your business and can stand out as the memorable thing customers recall when recommending you to others. 

Get professional assistance designing business signage

From effective wayfinding signs to a stand-out logo, business signage is an investment you need to take seriously. Here at xsign, we work with businesses across the UK to create outstanding business signage that customers love. We have a range of materials, styles, colours, and installations to suit all budgets and will work with you to create a signage scheme that reflects your business. 

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