How a Patented Product Set Provides Designers with Signage Choice

In the world of design, signage isn’t just a necessity—it’s an opportunity. A chance to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, to make a statement, and contribute to an environment’s overall narrative. xsign is at the forefront of this opportunity, with a patented signage product set that’s redefining the possibilities for interior designers, architects, and main contractors. Our commitment to innovation and quality has led to the development of jigsaw, puzzle, folio, and talky—each offering unique benefits tailored to specific needs and spaces.

1. Jigsaw: Versatile Directory Wayfinding

Our jigsaw system is the quintessential example of modular design excellence. Launched initially alongside the d line range in 2000, it now stands as a distinct entity that epitomises the jigsaw concept. This system incorporates a multitude of material choices into a pre-engineered, secret fixing system, allowing for unparalleled flexibility in design. From corporate offices to boutique hotels, jigsaw is not merely a signage solution but a design feature that enhances interiors, endorsed by its frequent selection by our discerning clients.

2. Puzzle: Secure Door Signage

Emerging from a direct client need, the puzzle signage system epitomises innovation. Its lockable door sign feature permits the use of a wide array of materials, providing adaptability without sacrificing security. This makes puzzle an ideal choice for environments like educational institutions and workplaces, where information needs frequent updates yet must remain secure against tampering.

With the puzzle system, clients benefit from an easy-to-manage signage solution that stands the test of time and use.


10 Brindley Place
Chorlton High School Puzzle Sign

3. Folio: Streamlined Office Signage

Folio revolutionises the conventional approach to signage with its combination of perforated text and word templates. This sign system is delivered ready-to-use, equipped with text from Day One, streamlining the implementation process for clients. It’s particularly well-suited to fast-paced environments where clarity and efficiency are paramount. The innovation doesn’t stop there; folio also offers options for tinted lenses and invisible fixings, ensuring that each sign not only communicates effectively but does so with stylistic finesse.

4. Talky: Signage that Speaks to You

In a stride towards inclusivity and accessibility, our Talky sign product introduces an interactive element to signage. Designed primarily to aid navigation for those with sight loss, Talky signs speak at the push of a button, offering directional guidance audibly. This system reflects our dedication to creating environments that are welcoming and accessible to all, opening a dialogue between the space and its users. Building officers and facilities managers are empowered to personalise the user experience with programmable audio messages, ensuring that the guidance provided is both helpful and relevant.

Combining an Engineered Product Set with a Range of Materials

At xsign, we understand that signage plays a critical role in the identity and functionality of a space. Our patented product set—jigsaw, puzzle, folio, and talky—offers an unrivalled level of customisation and quality. Whether your project requires the sophisticated simplicity of folio, the versatile adaptability of jigsaw, the secure innovation of puzzle, or the accessible communication of talky, our range provides a modular, bespoke solution.

By choosing xsign, you’re not just selecting a signage product; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to design, innovation, and support. Our aim is to work alongside designers, architects, and contractors to realise the full potential of their spaces, enhancing the user experience through thoughtful, high-quality signage solutions.

Wish to explore these options for your next project? Contact the xsign team today and discover how our patented product set can bring a new dimension of choice and quality to your designs.

Newark Orchard School Talky Sign