A Guide to the Different Sign Types

There are several different types of signs for businesses and there is no denying that signage on the whole is important for a business. A good sign communicates your brand and messages to your customers and competitors.

Choosing the right sign type for your business isn’t just about branding though, it is also about materials. When designing a sign, it is important to factor in the type and material that would work best. Whether the sign will be outdoors or not is good to know, so a weatherproof material can be used. Will the sign be lit up? The kind of light will also make a difference on the type of sign made. 

What are the different Interior Sign Types?

There are several different types of indoor signage including graphics and our innovative own products, Jigsaw, Puzzle and Folio. 

Graphics Signs

Graphics are made of images that are printed at a high resolution using a variety of materials and printing techniques. They are very versatile and can be used as the main feature, or as part of a design scheme. 

Jigsaw Signage

The Jigsaw system is a secret pre-engineered sign system. The secret lies within the fixing solution that allows clients to change details but doesn’t allow tampering. It is a series of panels fixed to a module on a wall. This system is particularly effective as part of a wayfinding strategy as it allows for lots of rooms and places to be added and updated regularly and easily. 

Puzzle Signage

Puzzle is a type of sign we created for a client who needed a bespoke solution. It is a unique lockable door sign that comes in different materials and is both easy to manage but hard to tamper with. Very useful in a space with lots of meeting rooms or classrooms such as offices, schools and universities. 

Folio Signage

Our Folio system is a paper holding sign that can stand-alone or be combined into other sign systems. The paper signs can be printed in-house to save costs, but the flawless finish demonstrates the premium sign product. One innovative feature is invisible fixings to hold it up against glass. 

Chorlton High School Puzzle Sign

Exterior Sign Types

Exterior signage is important for both wayfinding and communicating your brand to people who pass by. When designing exterior signage, thought must be given to the fixing method, longevity and materials. Some exterior signage types include totem, 3D lettering, illuminated and panel and posts.

Totem Signs

Totem signs are a tall sign, usually concreted into the ground and can be different shapes depending on how many sides are needed. This type of sign makes a great wayfinding sign and can also be a helpful landmark on a map. 

3D, or Built Up, Lettering

3D letters can be mounted individually or onto another type of sign to enhance the visibility. Signs with built up letters have a striking appearance and give the design additional depth. 

Illuminated Signage

There are different ways to illuminate signs. Lights can be external to the sign and point up or down at them to light the sign up. 

A halo illuminated sign uses LEDs behind 3D or built up letters to create a halo effect around the letters. 

Internally illuminated signs have the light source inside them. The words or graphics on the outside can then be transparent or clear for the light to shine through, or dark for the light to shine around. 

Panel and Post Signs

A panel and post sign has a flat sign body with one or more posts holding it up. Think of a road sign when approaching a junction, and that is a panel and post type of sign. Effective as welcome, information and wayfinding signs outdoors, panel and post signs are very popular. 

Illuminated, internal, external, there are so many sign types to choose from. When considering a new sign for your business talk to us for even more ideas and sign types. 

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