External signage that catches the eye

Exterior signage plays a huge part in marketing your business to the world. It’s not just retail spaces that benefit from showcasing who they are via external signs either. Any business or organisation can use external signs to advertise their presence. But what about external signage attracts customers? Why are they so important? Let’s answer these questions and give some tips on getting your next sign seen. 

Exterior Signs Are Noticeable 

Signs on the outsides of buildings, whether attached to a high street shop, or mounted on the exterior of a factory off a main road, are visible. This visibility is important because they can be seen by people who aren’t actively looking for your business but just see it as they pass by. Past research has shown that around 85% of customers will live within a five mile radius of a business they use. 

Whilst this isn’t always the case, depending on your business, anyone who does live nearby could see your sign more than 60 times a month. This can cement your brand in people’s mind for the future when they have need of your services or know someone who does. 

External Signage Helps People Find Their Way

External signage is also important for external wayfinding. Whether from the street or a car park, customers looking for you will benefit from signage to guide them. According to the Sign Research Foundation, 54% of consumers failed to find a business because the signs were unclear or too small. If you don’t have any external signage this number could be even higher. Exterior signs don’t have to just be your business name, they can also be branded signs to the entrance or delivery pick-up point. 


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Signage Outside Is Enticing

A particularly interesting, unique or visually striking sign can also be used as a landmark for people meeting one another. With a distinct and recognisable sign that becomes a landmark, you are potentially reaching more people just by the sign being there. 

As we said above, signage isn’t limited by just the name of your business. It can also be decorative and improve the look of your building. Eye-catching graphics or messages promote your brand and contribute to the look and feel of your premises. If your business is one where walk-in customers are important, this can be a real help. An exciting look and clear message coming from good signage can entice consumers into your premises. 

How can you make exterior signage attractive?

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Whether you need walk-in customers or not, having good exterior signage is important for brand recognition. When planning your signage, think about how to incorporate your brand into the graphics. That makes it easier for people to recall your brand when thinking about the place they passed, or someone described to them.

Stay Trendy

We don’t mean you need to update your external signs each time a new trend occurs. Keeping your signs fresh, clean and up to date is important though. Adding or changing a sign can increase footfall and profits. Signage that looks broken or out-dated, on the other hand, could put customers off. 

Go For Green

Updating your signage also gives you access to new technology and materials. Your old sign might feel nostalgic but a new one might improve your energy costs if you choose more energy efficient lighting. 

Promote Your USP

Your business’ unique selling point is important to shout about. Using signage you can get this message across to people who do not know your brand yet. Communication is a vital part of advertising, and you can use good exterior signage to share offers, regular features or news to anyone who sees it. 

If you want to catch the eye of potential customers, and remind previous customers about your brand, exterior signage is one of the most successful ways to reach them. Plan your signage to be good quality, relevant and on-brand for the best results.