Door Signage for Offices: What are the options?

Not all office door signs are created equal. In fact, there is a huge range of styles, colours, materials, and inclusivity options that you need to consider. Whether you’re looking for signs for manager’s offices, supply rooms, toilets, or conference rooms, it’s important to get the right door signage for your offices. 

Puzzle office signs

Puzzle signs are perfect for offices that change use frequently. The lockable sign allows you to change out the paper inserts easily without tools. However, the sign is lockable, meaning it’s difficult to tamper with. 

If you have an office with different occupants or want to let people know what meeting is going on in a conference room, a Puzzle sign is perfect. 

These come in a range of materials, sizes, and colours so they can be customised to your brand. We can also add 3D printed Tactile and Braille to make the signs inclusive. 

Jigsaw office signs

Jigsaw signs have interchangeable panels that can be taken out and interested as needed. These are great if you have a multi-use room with different functions or different people sharing one office. 

The panel is permanently fixed to the wall, but the hidden fixing system means the inserts can be taken out and replaced whenever needed.

Jigsaw office signs also come in a range of sizes, colours, and materials to perfectly match the aesthetic of your brand and office interior. 

Folio office signs

Folio signs are a paper insert system that we can install blank. These are great if you want to label storage rooms or add temporary signage to offices. 

Regular paper-holding signs tend to jam easily and are difficult to change over. Our Folio office signs are built with ease in mind. The insert for your paper signs won’t jam and gives a crisp, professional look. 

We can add solid panels, room indicators, or multiple slots to make your sign as useful as possible for your office. 


Vita Student Birmingham Internal Directory Jigsaw Sign

Talky signs

Our innovative Talky signs help those who are vision-impaired with wayfinding. At the touch of a button, the sign talks and communicates what someone needs to know about the office. 

This is great for creating an inclusive office environment and allows those with sight loss to navigate independently. 

Each sign has 80 seconds of recording time for you to dictate what you want the sign to say, and we can add any design to customise the sign for you. 

Flat-panel office signs

If you’re looking for sleek, modern signs for your offices, flat-panel signs are a great option. These are perfect for executive offices and other spaces with a single use. 

We have a range of materials, including stainless steel and acrylic, to create bespoke signs that are in keeping with your brand. We can include 3D printed Braille to make your signs inclusive and will customise the style and lettering to match your interiors. 

Get professional office signs for your business

Our team at xsign are experts in designing, manufacturing, and installing office signage for a range of sectors. We’ll work alongside you to create effective, functional designs that look fantastic and work for your business. With a range of styles, sizes, colours, and materials, we have the best solution for your office signage needs. Contact our team today and tell us what you’re looking for. 

Talky Sign at Newark Orchard School