Designing Architectural Signage for any Environment

Architectural signage is created to be a long-lasting and unique product that increases brand awareness, no matter what environment it is in. 

Here at xsign we specialise in signage for universities, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and residential buildings. There are also many more environments architectural signage can be found in, such as retail and industrial parks. 

Although each signage scheme is different, there are similar principles of design that are employed across all architectural signage, no matter what environment the sign will be in. In this article we’ll explore what those guiding principles are.

Architectural Signage Benefits from Bespoke Designs 

One of the advantages of having architectural signage designed for your project, is the opportunity to have completely bespoke works created. 

The nature of architectural signage is that having products designed for your needs and individual brand means it won’t be like any other design. Each brand is unique, and when you add the choice of materials, placement, colours and size to the mix, sign designers have an enormous choice for creating something truly exclusive.

Generic and pre-made signs are available, however they lack the individuality of a bespoke design. 


Improve Brand Awareness with Architectural Signage 

Like any marketing activity, signage also incorporates the brand. Including the recognisable colours and font is important because we need customers to identify the brand through the signage. Incorporating brand into your signage is a powerful message; it shouts, “we are here!” at passersby. 

Branded signage helps people with wayfinding and recognising where their destination is. In an industrial park where there may be tens of buildings that all look similar, branded direction signs put people at ease and aids their navigation to the destination. 

A company brand reflects the missions and values of that company. When this is present in external signs, it stands out as a message to people who can see it.

The recognition of signage can also lead them to become landmarks. On a university campus, for example, the names of buildings in architectural signage stand out and can become landmarks for places students can meet. The power of these landmarks grow with time as students, staff and visitors use them for navigation and meeting places. 

Another facet of brand awareness through architectural signage is the advertising. Companies with large external signage that can be seen from a distance, remind the public that they exist. Even if the people driving past have no need for the company then, they are more likely to recognise the brand elsewhere if they have seen the signage regularly. 

Stowmarket High School
Affinity Living

Weather The Storm With Architectural Signage 

Architectural signage is built to last. The materials are chosen carefully with knowledge of the environment the signs will be in. 

External signage needs to be made of materials that are weatherproof and designers will take into account local weather patterns as part of their design process. For example, external signage at a school on the coast of Scotland is going to be subjected to different weather than the external signage on a bank in Dubai. Similarly, indoor environments can be different. Leisure centres have an increased amount of corrosive chemicals in the air, which can affect the longevity of signs in those areas. This is all considered by the designers. 

The installation method and mounting is carefully calculated as part of the design process. It will be taken into account alongside the materials chosen to make the sign out of. 

Architectural signage designed for any environment should benefit from being bespoke, elevating brand awareness and looking good for a long time. With this in mind, when you reach out to an architectural signage company like xsign, you can ask us about the different environments we’ve designed and installed signage for. 

Vita Student Birmingham Internal Reception Signs
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