Create Engaging Environments with Talky Signs

Imagine how much easier life would be for your customers if your signs could talk. Well, they can! Talky signs are our programmable talking signs that speak to your customers at the push of a button.

With up to 80 seconds of recording time and a year-long battery, there are so many uses for our Talky signs and they come with some interesting benefits.

Why use Talky Signs?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using our talking signs and how they can be implemented.

Inclusive wayfinding

People have different abilities when it comes to wayfinding. Those who are sight-impaired can benefit from having a sign that tells them which way to go.

The graphics are interchangeable and any message can be recorded making them useful for directions to different parts of the building, instructions on where waiting rooms are, etc.

Fully integratable

You don’t need to replace your existing signs for Talky signs to work. In fact, we can integrate our Talky signs into your existing signage, no matter what type it is, to avoid further cost.

Talky signs are quick and easy to install with a hidden locking pin and quick release mechanism.

Meet current legislation

Talky signs meet all current disability legislation so your business can stay at the forefront of inclusivity.

With interchangeable graphics that can be inserted into the button’s lens, we can create a bespoke and creative design including symbols and pictograms to make them useful for people of all abilities.

Give a great impression

Talk signs give a great impression to clients and customers. Not only is it a modern technology that you don’t see everywhere, but it also shows that your business is dedicated to inclusivity and cares about your clients’ needs.

Where are Talky Signs used?

Wherever you have wayfinding signs, Talky signs will come in useful. This includes near elevators to show what’s on what floor; in hallways to give directions; near doors to show what is in the room; and, near fire exits and escape routes for safe access.

Wherever a person might feel a little confused about where to go or who to talk to, a Talk Sign will come in handy.

Building officers and facility managers can easily record whatever message is needed. And since we offer a fully customisable range of colours, icons, and graphics, they can be seamlessly blended into your branding.

Want to learn more about Talky Signs?

If you think our innovative Talky Signs are perfect for your business, give us a call today. We can arrange a free consultation and give our expert advice on where Talky Signs would be most effective. We can also give you a free, no-obligation quote for the project.

Newark Orchard School Talking Sign
Newark Orchard School Talky Sign