COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update


As the COVID-19 situation continues to progress we are taking significant steps, at this unprecedented time, in regard to our team, supply chain and our manufacturing facilities to ensure a continuity of supply and we intend to remain fully operational during this period.

Our Supply Chain

Our products are produced exclusively here in the UK and we do not currently anticipate any drop in stocks that would impact our ability to supply on new or committed projects. We have spoken to key supply chain partners and each of them has sufficient supplies to continue for 6-9 months of normal trading. Extensive measures were taken in preparation for a No Deal Brexit which means we have been ramping up plans to mitigate supply disruptions for several months, enabling continuity of supply to our manufacturing facility during this challenging time.

Our Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facilities remain fully operational and measures are being taken to protect essential staff and processes. Non-essential staff have limited access to our facilities or its staff. In addition visitors are, for the time being, prohibited. Deliveries are now strictly on a drop-off only basis. Enhanced practice for hygiene, including an increased regiment of cleaning in all of our facilities, has been implemented while all essential staff are being encouraged to actively adopt social distancing measures where possible.

Our Team

Our team are all working and fully contactable. Face-to-face meetings have been replaced with video conferencing and phone conversations while remote working is being implemented for our design, project management and finance functions to ensure continuity on all projects both current and prospective. Essential travel for completion of contractual obligations is continuing in the form of installations on sites where work continues to progress. To ensure this continues we have implemented a reporting procedure for actively reporting any potential signs of the virus within our organisation or close family and friends.

We continue to monitor the situation in line with the regular updates provided by the UK Government and Public Health England. Should you have any queries or questions regarding any current or prospective projects please get in touch with your primary contact directly.