Littleport and East Cambs Academy

dlinexsign were awarded the contract to design and supply a range of fabricated lettering to the external façade of both the academy itself, and the co-located leisure centre.

Each letter was built from marine grade brushed stainless steel with a deep return to increase impact against the building architecture. The lettering was also required to stand off from the cladding which required significant co-ordination between parties. Following a fast track manufacture period to meet hand over, the lettering was successfully installed to all elevations and is key to informing visitors of their location.

We will be following up with internal door and wayfinding signs at the site. We undertook a design consultancy to develop an effective wayfinding scheme, utilising colour and our standard systems. Colour being used to represent each floor with both Jigsaw™ and Puzzle™ selected to ensure future flexibility for the school as it is occupied.