Add Personality to your Office Signage

When you picture a standard office, you might think of the stereotypical cubicles, beige walls, and stark lighting. But in 2022, offices are actually vibrant, creative places to work. If your office space doesn’t have a personality, you’re missing a great opportunity to foster a better work environment that employees want to be part of. In this post, we’ll show you how to easily add personality to your office space with better signage. 

Welcoming Environments are Crucial

One of the main priorities of Gen Z in the work environment is a work/life balance. They are looking for a workplace that supports their mental health and encourages a flexible work ethic. 

Designing an office with flexible workstations and natural lighting are some important ways to give this welcoming workspace

But an easy update that is often overlooked is the addition of signage around the office. 

Strategic signs placed throughout the office can boost motivation, make the office feel more welcoming, and improve employee morale – all of which are incredibly important for a better output. 

How to use Office Signage

If you’re ready to create a better atmosphere in your office, here are our top tips for utilising better signage. 

A bright welcome

In the reception area, add a bright feature that welcomes both employees and visitors. You can include your logo and company slogan or a motivational quote. 

This should incorporate your brand aesthetic and colours, but a vibrant wall will help boost the mood of employees as they arrive for the day. 


Inspiring wall quotes

Cheesy posters of cats that say “hang in there” don’t have the desired effect. But inspirational wall quotes dotted throughout the office can help boost morale and make your office feel more comfortable. 

These can be illuminated for added impact, or even be quotes directly from employees for a personal touch. 

Community Areas

Simple signs that define community and break areas will give them a more relaxed feel. You might decide to add a chalk wall that can be written on to get employees interacting, or add interactive displays for a modern touch. 

Floor Signage

Floor signs are practical and fun and make the office a little brighter. You can use this space for additional wayfinding or simply add some branded graphics to modernise the space and add pops of colour. 

A Sign of a Better Workplace

Office signage should be practical and functional when it comes to wayfinding and important information. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also use it to inject life and fun into the workplace. 

At xsign, we help modernise offices and add more brand personality with unique office signage. If you’re interested, get in touch today and we’ll arrange a free consultation to show you what we can do.