xsign opens COVID-19 Shop

xsign launches COVID-19 sign shop


COVID-19 has changed the way in which we work, certainly in the short-term and possibly long-term. As individuals and businesses get used to social distancing rules, new infographics and warning signs are required in communal places to remind people of their social obligations and this has given xsign the opportunity to create a new range of safety signs related to coronavirus.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the xsign shop, in which you will find all of the appropriate signage to help people stay safe while allowing you to operate your business with social distancing in place.

The containment of COVID-19 is largely dependent on the actions of individuals and businesses, particularly in respecting social distancing guidelines as set out by Public Health England. If the general public are able to abide by social distancing rules and hygiene practices then it could mean shops, restaurants, pubs and bars, and clubs could reopen with some semblance of normality. However, it is easy for guidance to be misunderstood and it is the duty of businesses to put practical measures in place that safeguards the general public.

The pandemic has demonstrated that we need to maintain an appropriate distance between ourselves and others and adhere to hygiene practices. The guidance is to remain 2m apart, but that has to be reinforced in practical settings, otherwise people will revert to old habits.

To keep the need for social distancing at the forefront of people minds, we need to have constant reminders – signage, wayfinding and messages. Signs to remind people to keep their distance are going to become increasingly commonplace, but each setting needs to display a consistent message. Signs and visual reminders will need to be in place where people congregate, to help maintain social distancing.

Schools, social events, workplaces, universities, hospitals and shops will all need to display and reinforce the social distancing rules, and xsign have produced a selection of informative signage that gets the message across in a clear and consistent way.

The coronavirus signs we have developed include:

- Stop the Spread. We have to halt the transmission of coronavirus between people before we can return to any level of normality.

- Keep Your Distance. Very important for non-transmission. Germs like viruses can only travel short distances in air, and if we maintain a suitable gap, then we lessen the chance of the virus crossing the gap.

- Stair Graphics. Visual reminders as people alight staircases to keep their distance from one another and stay safe.

- Lift Signs. In communal areas such as lift areas, where social distancing is more difficult, signs can remind people of the importance of keeping apart.

- Pull Up Banners. A range of pull up banners that can be moved from one part of a building to another quickly and easily.

- No Entry Signs. Where a building must keep individuals away from particular areas, a No Entry sign can help prevent individuals entering particular areas.

- Protective Screens. xsign has developed a range of clear, Perspex screens that are designed to protect individuals from contracting the virus. The range of 5 products provides a physical barrier to prevent the spread of airborne infection.

The xsign range of signs and banners can be used in a mixed scheme that gives clear wayfinding and instruction to building users.

We now live in times when we must consider how we interact with others and act accordingly, but it is imperative that the need to continually reinforce the social rules in everywhere that people are likely to gather. xsign has created a range of simple, yet informative signs that remind people of their social duties as well as offering visual reminders on the actual distances that the Government has put in place. These signs are available in a huge range of sizes, and are typically high-contrast combinations of black, yellow, red, and white.

xsign have also introduced a range of clear plastic screens that can be erected between your staff and customers to help protect both parties from COVID-19. These screens come complete with fittings to allow you attach them in position quickly and securely. Once in place, the screens allow your business to continue operating without any fear that sneezes might affect either party.  The protective screen and all signage products can be viewed on the online shop.

The opening of the xsign shop marks a step forward in how we interact and serve our customers.  If you have a requirement for either social distancing COVID-19 signage or protective screens – or both – visit our new store and see how we can help you.


What Sizes of Banner Sign are Available?

Banner signs are available in a range of standard sizes from A3 (42cm high x 29.7cm wide) to A0 (118.9cm x 841cm), or standard mm dimensions.  Contact our sales team for prices and sales options.

What Material are these Signs Made From?

Wall-mounted boards are typically made from hardwearing ACM or Corex board of various specifications. Floor stickers are made from robust anti-slip polymer products.

What Do the Floor Stickers Depict?

Our range of floor stickers typically show standing positions to reinforce social distancing in queues, but we also make varieties that also state acceptable distancing.

Can I purchase these Online?

All of our COVID-19 are available to purchase quickly and securely online. Prices are listed online and discounts apply for purchasing multiple items. Contact our sales team for bespoke orders.

Do you Make Infographic signs?

As part of our COVID-19 products, we are offering a pull-up banner that shows standard infographic material on correctly washing hands, catching coughs, disposing of tissues, avoiding facial touching and maintaining social distances.

Do You Sell Protective Screens?

Yes.  We sell a range of clear Perspex protective screens complete with fittings and of many standard sizes.  These strong, impact resistant shields are resistant against the ingress of germs, and are designed to keep both staff and customers safe.  Contact out sales team to discuss your requirements.