Wayfinding Considerations

Published on Thursday 1st March


To ensure efficient and economical signage, it is important to get the Wayfinding right. The difficulty of this is witnessed by all of us who have been unable to find a destination. Often signs run out, or are obscurely located or too small. Sometimes, signs are not aimed at the users properly, so they may rely on maps only understood by the designer of fonts, which put style over legibility.

Experience and alignment with user experience allows us to offer Wayfinding advice and consultancy. We create solutions whereby the right signs are in the right place, to key destinations, with legibility and flexibility to ensure they stay up to date as destinations evolve.

The kinds of questions that we ask when developing a brief are often seemingly obvious e.g. "Who are the main users? What are the most important destinations? What routes are restricted?"

However, experience tells us to tackle more complex issues. For example, how people get back to where they came in when there are multiple entrances: "Way Out" does not work. We also know how to identify things like the 'Ground Floor' on a sloping site with entrances at different levels. We can also offer detailed advice on users with special needs and innovations in technology.