Using Artwork to Brand Interiors

Using Artwork to Brand Interior Spaces

Vinyl Graphics to engage customers and empower employees.


Branding is an essential part of company marketing strategy. Whilst a mix of marketing activity can engage end-users, interior graphics provides an opportunity to showcase values and ethos. Branding of just a decade ago may have been as simple as exterior signage, logo-headed notepaper, a website address and a Facebook page, but there is now a far greater move to making branding and social values an integral part of a business and marketing. This new branding effort goes far beyond the posting of logos or taglines on interior walls, and the subtle use of art and graphics to create identity and relay a company message is becoming increasingly popular.

Artwork design in interior spaces has become a useful tool in creating a vibrant space for customers to reside and it helps create engaging and motivational spaces for employees. Stepping away from the beige or puce walls of old and sprucing up interiors with colourful imagery and integrated graphics can have a real positive impact. Interior artwork can be found in many types of building, including business headquarters and subsidiaries, schools, colleges and universities, medical centres and hospitals, and public buildings. The notion behind the use of artistic interiors is to enhance the environment with visual aids, that reflects the feeling of the space; whether to create an air of calm and to promote wellbeing or to create excitement and energy.

Academic research papers have found that natural and artistic scenes placed in public, work, and office areas strongly promote good vibes and relaxation by reducing negative thoughts, and this has led to many companies actively using both these and artistic elements in their office branding. Wall graphics can also help in many other ways, too:

- Reinforce company identity. Wall-mounted graphics can be combinations of company logos or taglines together with natural elements, and may be consistent over several business sites, to create a strong brand.

- Deliver a company message. The clever use of graphics can form part of a story that demonstrates the history of the company or presents an ongoing narrative for products and services.

- Reinforces wellbeing and sense of belonging. Carefully designed and placed interior graphics help to welcome people to the space, enhancing mood and uplifting the spirits.

Interior graphics are typically created with vinyl which is easy to create, quick to produce and relatively simple to install, helping to minimise cost and disruption to businesses. Vinyl graphics can be installed on a huge range of surfaces, including those with strong textures and particularly lend themselves to surfaces such as glass.  Specialist wall and window illustrations are highly durable and are maintenance-free, beyond a periodic wipe over with a damp cloth.  Vinyl graphics will usually maintain their clear and vibrant appearance and will retain colours unless continually exposed to strong sunlight. They are also easy to replace. Their relatively low initial cost and small upkeep needs makes changing an office environment easy and efficient.

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