The top five things your signage company should be doing for your business

We all use signs in business. Whether it is a simple as logos or other business signs, or something a bit more corporate, you can use signage to express your company in a number of ways. To get the most out of signage, you need to be taking a lead from the people who really know about the subject – your signage company.

The fact is, no one knows the signage industry as well as the companies who work in it, and since this is an area of business that is always evolving – just look how the COVID crisis has changed the world of signage – and there are usually new styles, issues, and directives coming to the market. It’s not credible to expect non-sign orientated company to keep up with current trends, but for a specialist signage company, it’s an absolute must!  Therefore, your signage company should be taking a lead and telling you if there are changes to signage legislation that will affect your company. This is very important when it comes to legislative signage, where you may be in breach of the law if you don’t comply.

Your signage company should be helping you with your communication needs too.  We all use signs to promote out communications, and whether it is via corporate image, motivational posters, or general communications, your sign provider should be helping you by making suggestions about content, colouring, form, and message rather than leaving it to you. After all, sign makers are the experts in this field.

They should be able to advise you on how to gain a competitive advantage in your business through the use of signage.   Your signs represent you most visible form of communication with your customers and suppliers, and outdoor signage and window graphics can impact how your brick-and-mortar store performs.  Signage of this type can be hugely effective in not only promoting your products and services but also engaging with customers on a more personal level, thereby giving your company a much more personable – and informative – face.

They can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Given that, in most cases, your business relies on how well you can do against your competitors, and how much business you can garner. Therefore, to get ahead of your competitors, you need your signage company to help you develop the messages that will help you get ahead.  Look to your signage company to help you develop a series of messages that will put you ahead of the opposition.

While a lot of your signage may be an essential part of your business, there is also a huge element of marketing that can be had from your signage and a good signage company will be able to help you realise this.  Of course, there are many ways to promote your business, including billboards, newspapers and industry publications but these promotional strategies may be do not have the same longevity as a tool such as well-developed signage.

If you are not using your signage company to help you in these areas, then what are you waiting for?