Social Distancing in Retail; How Signage Helps

Social Distancing in Retail; How Signage Helps.


Now that we are finally starting to return to some degree of normality, we all understand the importance of keeping a distance from others, and in doing so, helping to both stop the current spread of coronavirus and prevent it returning. But in case people ever misunderstand what the acceptable distancing may be, signage is becoming an increasing feature of our lives, and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, and possibly even forever. Social distancing is likely to be here to stay, and standard signage along with it.

Signs are important because they stress the importance of not only staying apart from each other, but also of following the rules. The pandemic and lockdown have shown us that in order to stay safe, we need to follow the rules, and as we emerge from the dire situation, we have also seen that some people either misunderstand or are prepared to flout the rules. For whatever reason, there have been instances where people haven’t stood at required distances, so signs are going to remain an important feature.

This is probably most important in the retail and hospitality sectors rather than offices, since these are areas where lots of people congregate for fleeting moments, and you cannot tell if someone may be feeling unwell or has developed symptoms.

So, what constitutes social distance signage and what kind of information does it give us? A year ago, there was virtually no such thing as a social distance sign. Move along a few months and they are now everywhere. The world is a changed place, and that place is punctuated with social distancing signs. These signs now demonstrate what is a safe distance between people so as to minimise the threat of catching coronavirus.

Signage takes several different forms.  It may be a simple line on the floor that is spaced at a distance of two metres or, increasingly, they are floor spots which actively show someone where to stand, should they be unsure.  Signs of this nature offer explicit instructions to people about where they should stand, and making social distancing much easier to achieve. But social distancing signage, by its very nature, is placed on the floor, and is therefore subject to a lot of wear and tear as people move over it. For that reason, floor-mounted signs have to be constructed of the most hardwearing materials, but remain at an acceptable cost to the consumer.

As we become used to the concept and practice of social distancing signs and realise that we are likely to have to live with it for the long term, and it will become a permanent feature of our lives and we become used to maintaining a distance.  This will inevitably lead to other social distancing signage, possibly wall or ceiling-mounted alternatives, which offer the same protection but are easier to see and are not subject to everyday wear and tear.

xsign understands the importance of social distancing, and we offer a huge range of this and COVID-19 orientated signage, to help keep everyone safe.  Businesses are having to adapt to ensure that they can still operate, but keep their customers safe, and the range of social distancing signage from  xsign can help with that.