Printed Vinyl Graphics in Buildings

Printed Vinyl Graphics for Buildings

Making use of wall space and window features.


Printed vinyl graphics create immediate impact in built spaces such as office entranceways, branded showrooms and leisure facilities. Utilising vinyl graphics is a cost-effective signage and branding strategy for organisations of all sizes and a multitude of applications.

Vinyl graphics are sometimes characterised by large, brash, eye-catching representations that incorporate lettering, photography and iconic shapes. There are hundreds of different types of vinyl material that can be used for vinyl printing, varying in thickness, light transparency and purpose, that can be printed to using specialist equipment. Vinyl graphics can be installed on to almost any surface quickly and cost-effectively. This ease of printing, fitting and future replacement means that signage can be updated frequently, making it an ideal solution for environments that require information to be displayed that changes on a regular basis. Given that the print is created from an artwork design, all of the legwork is in the creation of the digital assets. The flexibility of using digital artwork design means that literally anything can be printed on to a vinyl graphic material, provided it can be put in to a file format like a PDF or an EPS.

Vinyl film has actually been around for several decades in one form or another, but while the actual film materials may have changed slightly, the means of processing it and printing to it has altered more considerably, driven by advances in printing technology. These printing advances are the key to the success of this particular form of signage.

Printing on vinyl film allows sign makers the ability to create impressive displays that fit onto a variation of surfaces with ease. Razor-sharp print detail means that several sheets can be put together to create one, huge artwork.

Adobe programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, are able to handle almost any font and typeface, giving freedom to create printed vinyl graphics for office environments, shop fronts, vans and delivery vehicles, and general advertising displays. Large cut letters can be  spell out your message as large as you like with one letter per sheet, if appropriate.

The vinyl material used is determined by how long it needs to be in place and whether any special mirror or transparency effects need to be applied. Window manifestations tend to use optically clear vinyl, allowing for maximum light to pass through, giving the impression that there isn't anything covering the window at all, other than any individual graphics and letters. This form of printing removes the potential for human error in applying individual cut letters and graphics. By printing on a sheet of vinyl, characters will be in exactly the correct place. If a vinyl graphic needs to be changed regularly, then semi-permanent vinyl materials will be used, with different adhesive properties, so that the graphic can be removed and replaced.

Using printed vinyl graphics in an office space is both an easy and cost-effective way to transform a built space. Using vinyl graphics is an effective print process for production of all manner of graphic design that can be applied to any surface. With a continuing advancement in print technology, vinyl materials, inks and design techniques, printed vinyl graphics remain a popular signage option.

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