Is Digital Signage More Relevant Now Than Ever?

Is Digital Signage More Relevant Now Than Ever?


Digital signage is having something of a boom period, and it looks like its only going to become more usable and important to us. Our need for signage has never been greater as we struggle to return to some kind of normality, and this is where digital signs can play a huge part. The flexible nature of digital signs is obvious, but they have many other advantages too, such as:

Dynamic content. Old-style digital signs tended to be simply words created by illumination light bulbs or LEDs in specific orders, creating letters and spaces, but have now moved on to true digital displays that can generate detailed images along with text. These newer devices are typically connected to a PC and the displayed data can be changed almost at will and can deliver up to date information as it is required.  Change your message in an instant and add some eye-catching graphics to go with it.

Improved customer perception. Unlike static notices, digital signage has been shown to capture the attention of observes and engage them so that the information is really absorbed. According to research, people are more likely to notice digital signage because of the combination of shapes, colours, and movement that catches the eye and then makes the person inspect it.  The same doesn’t happen with static signs so if you want to really engage with customers, digital signs are the way to go.  The current situation with COVID that we find ourselves in can call for the need to update signs quickly to deal with new information.  With digital signage, this is a simple as sending the new data from a PC, whereas static signs would have to be physically changed.

They are interactive. Modern digital signs are now fully interactive and can come with touch screens that allow customers to scroll through options and select different options via menus.  This means that the board can have a huge amount of information stored and can direct users to information that they need or want. Interaction can also mean that the sign can multi-lingual and the same information can be delivered in as many different languages as you want, and more can be added in moments. Furthermore, interactive signs can go beyond simple images and text, and can also deliver audible information and instructions too and, once again, they can be delivered in multiple languages.

It’s not just for indoors.  The latest designs of digital signs are now fully weather proofed and can be situated in any position, including outside positions, even if they are exposed to the elements, and can withstand sunlight, wind, high and low temperatures, and even high levels of moisture.  And with Wi-Fi connectivity, sign systems of this nature can be easily installed and maintained in almost any position.

Digital signage is making the old, static variants quite literally a thing of the past. There are so many advantages to systems such as these, and with the costs for even complex systems becoming increasingly affordable.  Contact us and ask us about the options.