Interior Signs for Offices

Interior Signage Schemes for Offices

Creating better working spaces


Offices feature a density of signage, with all manner of wayfinding notices, equipment identifications, office markings, and emergency instructions.  All of these signs and notices are important and should be available to users, but how do you go about prioritising the signage? That's where wayfinding schemes help to put structure around a signage system.

Sign systems exist in many different shapes and forms; the level of engineering in the product will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  The main criteria of a sign system is that the product is legible and the information accessible - that places a some stress of the products used in the scheme. The product line must be fit for purpose, flexible and engineered with the end user in mind. For wayfinding schemes in office environments, a premium may be placed on door signs or paper insert signs. Our consultancy team can be flexible in creating a package around the user requirements. Our product range includes the following patented designs:

Puzzle: Primarily used as a means of wayfinding and office identification, the puzzle sign system is hugely versatile and easy to update as required. The puzzle name comes form the fact that the actual sign – typically a slip of paper – is fixed behind a high-quality clear Perspex window, which is held in a purpose-designed holder.  The Perspex can be slid out of the holder allowing the paper sign to be changed or updated quickly and with ease. Puzzle is an ideal product in office environments where the need for change is paramount.

Jigsaw. A multi-element sign system, incorporating a multitude of materials in to one engineered product with a secret fixing system. Despite the construction of jigsaw being possible from multiple materials, the fixing system is consistent. Additionally, of benefit to the architect, the product can be affixed in to tight spaces, where other products would require twice the space. The advantage of the jigsaw system is that the composition of the sign type can be of mixed components, all of which can be replaced individually, with ease.

Folio. The folio range of products is growing to recently include the clear and invisible folio products. Folio is versatile and is most associated as a paper insert sign, but can be used in a variety of scenarios. Folio signs offer complete freedom of choice for interior signage. Folio signs are usually thin, printed sign types, and can be high contrast while comprising any combination of RAL colours. Folio gives the ability for installation of the sign type whilst paper inserts are printed at a later date.

Talky. talky signs are talking signs - a programmeable sign type that allows for recording and re-recording of audio. The emphasis with talky signs is to provide alternative wayfinding options in office environments to aid accessibility for those with sight loss.

The xsign product range is crafted for use across professional office spaces and can be created in a huge variety of materials, typefaces, colours and forms. Precision manufacturing and printing techniques allows complex shapes such as office reliefs and map detail to be included, alongside  wording, helping visitors navigate the office area with ease.