Innovative paper-insert solutions with Puzzle™

Published on Wednesday 10th October 2018


xSign was founded with innovation and design at its heart. Our origins are traced back to Danish Architects Arne Jacobsen and Knud Holscher. Architect Mark Shaw-Smith has been at the heart of the business since our inception in 1999 and innovation and design remain the fundamental principles that the business is formed on.

Paper-based sign inserts have been a staple of offices for some time. We look at sign systems in the context in which they are to be applied. Paper-based sign systems need to be interchangeable and operate quickly and efficiently. Whilst working collaboratively with main contractors, Architects and end users we identified a wide range of frustrations with what seems like a rather simple sign.

Many of the paper-insert options available have design flaws that could be improved upon and a limited finished material palette, usually painted extruded aluminium. Our research with end users shows that there are frustrations that paper holders are either not lockable or if they are, require some sort of key or suction device to operate.

We wanted to find a solution that allowed for total design expression, was lockable without the need of a tool and also had the ability for the end user to quickly and easily update the paper-based information within. This is especially a problem when the paper holder is anything other than A4 in size.

With Puzzle™, we have created an innovative product that solves these common design flaws. The designer can choose from hundreds of material finishes and combinations. Pre-perforated paper and a simple digital template is available for the end user to manage the signs locally. Puzzle™ is also the only paper insert sign that is truly lockable without requiring a tool to open.

Puzzle™ has been specified to customers and installed in hundreds of locations globally, with no two projects looking the same. We have supplied thousands of paper-based signs, from corporate HQ’s to entire University campuses. Please get in touch with a member of our team and discuss your design frustrations – they may be our next innovation.