How schools can utilise signage to create engaging learning spaces

How schools can utilise signage to create engaging learning spaces


When it comes to signage, schools are a special case. Here, we have what could amount to thousands of people, being both adult and a range of children’s ages, and the possibility of some children being special needs and perhaps needing to take extra time with signs.  That’s a lot of things to throw into the mix, but luckily, there are solutions.

Signs in schools can be used for far more than simple wayfaring, and can be used to fulfil a number of important roles, with the biggest being wayfaring.  This is, of course, probably the biggest reason for signage in schools.  Here, we have a range of buildings with a mixture of classes, mixed areas and administrative rooms all thrown in together.  Furthermore, every year, a new cohort of students will arrive – potentially along with new teachers and support staff – and will need to find their way around.  Parents and other visitors will turn up and need to find their way around, so navigation is a huge issue.

But apart from that very important issue, school signage can be used to help children learn and engage, and are a great way to create motivational themes and even to encourage learning.

Motivation is always a big issue in schools, with many children perhaps being amongst a large group of their peers for the first time, meaning that they may start to question their abilities or even their right to be there in the first place.  Schools can be great places to learn, but can also be very daunting to students, so the subtle use of encouraging notices to boost their confidence can go a long way to balancing the fact.  Simple motivational messages such as “Believe in Yourself” and “Success” and “Courage” can subliminally help a child achieve their best.  It is an easy win, that cost very little, but can have huge benefits for the children that it is aimed at.

Safeguard is one of the big issues in schools, particularly in areas where children might be exposed to extraordinary risks such as in the chemistry lab and while practicing subjects such as woodwork and metalwork where they might have access to sharp and potentially deadly tools.  This isn’t environment where you want to have explicit images that might frighten or disturb children, but you do still want to express the gravity of the situation.  This means that you need a strong message but without alarming pictures, and that is quite a challenge.

Classrooms are always designated as areas of learning and that can be reinforced by simple images and on any number of educational content. From easy lessons in English, such as difficult spelling, diphthongs, and other rules of usage, to maths issues or even just everyday facts.  All of these can start to become engrain in a child’s mind and from there they really start to learn.

There are many ways in which simple signage can not only make a school a great place of learning but safe and enjoyable too. xsign can help you with that journey, so come and chat to use about your signage needs.