5 Factors That Make Branded Business Signs Better

Branded business signage can create more engaging spaces for customers and reinforce key business messages. There’s more to consider when creating business sign systems than it might seem. From contrast and sizing to font choices and location, it takes a professional eye to create an eye-catching branded business sign.

In this guide, we’ll show you the five most important factors that take business signs from average to high-quality.

The right location

Before you think about design, colours, or style, decide on the location of the sign. All these other factors will change depending on the location.

Business signs on the side of a large building need to be big and bold, whereas signs on an interior lobby wall can be more detailed.

The location of your sign will make or break the effectiveness, so make this a top priority when planning.

The right proportions

If location is king, then proportions are queen. You want your sign to be legible and clear from a distance, so think about how far people will be away when reading your sign. If it’s outside, you’ll be surprised how large fonts need to be clear at a distance.

The best business signs have taken proportions into consideration – filling the space available and making a statement with large, bold signage.

Great contrast

The best business signs have great contrast. For example, black lettering on a plain white background or white lettering on a bright red background.

You may want to use your brand colours for your sign, but if these aren’t contrasting enough, your sign is going to be hard to read.

The best business signs have striking contrast which makes them look professional and high-quality.

Simplicity over complexity

It’s tempting to put as much pattern and design as possible into your sign, but simple really is better. The best business signs are incredibly simple with just one or two fonts and simplified logos.

If you want to add your tagline to the sign, think about how it will read in large letters. Is it going to look cluttered or is it easy to understand at a glance?


It’s clear when businesses know their customer base and bases their branding and signage around their target demographic. For example, a dog grooming business might have fun, colourful signage, whereas a law firm will have bold, simple signs.

The best business signs have their customers in mind, knowing what will draw their attention and what won’t.

Need help creating eye-catching business signs?

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