3D Printing


In the realm of printed graphics, the combination of advanced inks and LED UV lamps to cure and bake during the printing process opened up new printing possibilities. Most early UV printers noticed that if you kept over printing a 3D image would emerge. However the ink layers were thin as they were designed with an emphasis on high resolution and small ink spot size. With exposed edge it was possible to pick at the layers effectively by de-laminating the ink.

The latest manufacturers came at this challenge from a different position with 3D print as the objective from the outset. Creating inks which were inherently strong as the first priority and accepting some compromise on resolution, 2nd gen’ inks not only bond well to all substrates but also to themselves. Whilst this technology can print both solid and intricate patterned blocks as well as any font, the best result for impaired vision is achieved with Medium, Regular, Book and Light version of fonts.

2nd generation 3D print is proven to have excellent adhesion to all solid materials including metals, acrylics and aluminum. Heat tests have been performed to 150C and 302F. As the inks are cured by UV they are not susceptible to UV or moisture degradation. After extensive testing we offer a five year guarantee for interior tactile and Braille.